Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FCW Features Laticrete iPhone App

Floor Covering Weekly

Check out who got the lead position in the article - with image - on page 9!


More info on the Laticrete iPhone app here:


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Laticrete Spotted On A Jobsite

Ever since my kids have been little we've played a game of "who can spot some Laticrete on a jobsite"

They've grown up and "flown the nest" but they continue to send me text messages or photos when they spot a pail or bag of Laticrete on a jobsite.

Today I received this one from my youngest daughter in New York City.

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Technical Design Manual - Medical, Educational and Hospitality

I received a message a few moments ago that the Laticrete Technical Services and Marketing teams have announced the availability of the newest Tile & Stone Technical Design Manual as part of an ongoing series of tile & stone design manuals being developed.

The Medical, Educational and Hospitality Facilities Ceramic Tile and Stone Installation Technical Design Manual is now available here:


This manual focuses on Medical (hospitals, clinics, etc…), Educational (schools, universities, etc…) and Hospitality (hotels, etc…) and includes new sections on sound control and “green” installations.

This is a great reference tool for tile & stone installers and contractors involved in Medical, Educational and Hospitality projects.

This publication does have an ISBN number for indexing and reference in libraries etc


Monday, August 30, 2010

Barrier-Free Shower

A barrier-free shower in Seattle

Laticrete 3701 drypack used for the shower pan.

Laticrete Hydroban with fabric reinforcement for waterproofing.
Pan mosaic installed with Laticrete 220 mortar. Wall tile installed with Laticrete 255 non-sag mortar. Grouted with Laticrete PermaColor.

Shaughnn Lee-Capua
Capua Custom Tile & Stone
Renton, Washington

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Stack Stone with Latapoxy 310

Stacked Stone with Latapoxy 310. More info here.

A beautiful stone veneer installation by

Kevin Tindall
Pebble Creek Construction
Marietta, OH

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No Grout Mosaics Install

Message #1:

On a side note I've been very impressed with Laticrete products usually after using something else and having trouble. I used the 4XLT for a glass mosaic backsplash in my kitchen and that thing is magical. For one there is no sagging and second when I straightened out each piece of the mosaic it stays put instead of getting dragged by the meshing. I started with the H D thinset which didn't perform as well.

As for the grouting of the same tile, I first went with brand M and ended up having to rip out some of the tile because xx is totally unusable. Its 100% unforgiving and a bad idea for anything with a lot of grout lines that need to be "dressed" like a glass mosaic. Ended up ripping out half the tiles cos the grout stuck to it and then grouted the second time around with Permacolor which was a joy to work with! Could've saved myself 1 week and $1000 by using Permacolor first.

I will post my experiences on the board to help other DIYers avoid my mistakes.

Any help with the installation of the Inax sentousai will be appreciated

My Reply:

Installing No-Grout Mosaics or Stone

1) Use white thinset for a white or light colored tile, gray thinset for gray or dark colored tiles
2) Use a GOOD quality thinset DESIGNED / Engineered for hanging these types of products on walls and "mix it to the proper, normal" consistency
3) Knock down trowel marks
4) Insure that there is no "ooze"

Message #2:

I tried a 1/8 trowel but felt it was too small so I upgraded to a 3/16 and everything is sticking and the joints are free of excess thinset. I am also using the Laticrete 4XLT thinset that thing grabs on to tile like a magnet so it allows me to use a smaller trowlel. I will post a picture when its done its a pretty cool tile.

Funny thing is the installation instructions inside the tile boxes are in Japanese. I was going to Google the translation but how the hell do type Japanese characters?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fresh Fish When Cruising

I cruised in the Bahamas with a group of tile & stone guys the week before last.

We cruised, swam, fished, ate freshly caught fish & lobster and enjoyed spending time chatting about construction ... and jobsites ...!

So now I'm trying the embedded video-in-my-Blog feature.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A nice message

I received a message yesterday ....

"Thanks for your offer. Are you the same Henry Rothberg that I met in Atlanta in 1978/79 at the Dal Tile Service Center? I worked for Dave Adams there.

While I have your attention, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the performance of all the Laticrete products.

The SpectraLock and Permacolor grouts are easy upsells for us as flooring/tile dealers, and since I have the SpectraLock Pro all over my house, it's easy for me to guide my customers to the benefits and long term value.

Your sales reps and tech guys (well, the ones in MY area anyway - Mike Goins and Gary Martin) are first rate professionals who make the extra effort to make sure we're happy with your products, and who also make sure that we understand how to use them via our warehouse 'classes'. "


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Diner Tile Installation In Progress

Diner floor tile installation in progress by
Peter Lane
Vancouver, Canada

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Jobsites Have Quite A View

Glass mosaics pool job in Palos Verdes

Quite a view from the top of the hill

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An Incredible Stone Facade

Watch this YouTube video ... !

Al Hamra Tower - Build it BIGGER!


Yes, this is a Laticrete installation.

Laticrete 254 thinbed adhesive mortar and Laticrete 1500 sanded grout mixed with Laticrete 1776 Grout Admix

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another LataBaby

Congratulations to Brian Carlson (a Laticrete guy in the Southern CA region) and Rebecca on the birth of their third child.

Jacob Mathew entered the world at 1:28 pm on August 18th weighing 8 lb 2 oz.

Mother and baby are doing great!


Easy to Use Epoxy Adhesive

I used the Latapoxy 300 that you were so VERY kind to provide.

It's very nice material. I agree with you, it trowels much, much better than xxx . It also cleans up easier and water seems to be an effective cleaning agent during the whole job (unlike the xxx). Cleanup without lacquer thinner is very, very important!

I did post my findings on the forum, in the same thread. http://www.johnbridge.com/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=990303&postcount=14

Thank you again for the sample. Next time the need arises for epoxy thinset... it will definitely be Latapoxy 300.

BTW, Dale (my local rep that arranged getting me that pail) is a great ambassador. His demo sold me on Spectralock ... I use it for almost everything I do now.

Best regards,


Note: If you haven't worked with our Latapoxy 300 Epoxy adhesive and would like to try a pail ... send me an email: hbrothberg@laticrete.com or call me: (203) 393-4620

Latapoxy 300 - More info, click here.

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Good Corporate Citizens

Last night Ron Nash - Laticrete Director of Sales, John Striednig - Laticrete Regional Sales Manager TX, my wife Sheila, and I, attended an event at the Bethany Town Library.

Reading Garden Dedication
Clark Memorial Library
Bethany, CT

Laticrete contributed to this Eagle Scout Project.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cruising & Fishing

I spent last week Cruising & Fishing in the Bahamas with a group of Tile & Stone guys.

Great weather, great seafood ... and a Great Cruise Crew.

Caught a nice Blackfin Tuna one afternoon. Great Sushi ...!

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Graphics For Your Trailer Or Truck

Are you interested in some Graphics for your Trailer, Truck or Van ...?

Send me an email or call me.

(203) 988-1814

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interesting Grout Colors

Click on image to enlarge

Interesting Grout Colors. Dazzle, Gold, Silver, Pearl. Even a Glow-In-The-Dark version ...!

SpectraLOCK, the "Stainless Grout."

More info here and here.

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Collier Building Industry Association .... and Bricks

Collier Building Industry Association

Tony Campos of Laticrete International presents a (big) check to Juls Chambers for the Laticrete donation to the CBIA engraved brick project.

Pictured are:

Back row left to right: Carter Grant CGP, David Aldrich President CBIA, Tom Dardis CGP, CAPS, Patrick Henry Dal Tile,

Second row: Valerie Childs, Terrilyn Van Gorder, Barbie Rogers, Laura Johnston

Front row: Tony Campos Laticrete International, Juls Chambers CBIA Membership Director

More info here.

We like to contribute to & be part of industry organizations ....!

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Art In Architecture

Click on the image above for an enlarged view

More info on their website at http://www.adventstone.com

David R. Luster, President
Advent Design International
576 Wyndemere Avenue
Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450 - USA
Telephone: 201-444-0426

Email: Dluster@adventstone.com

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Mick & Ernie Visit

Mick & Ernie of Tuscan Leveling Systems visited Laticrete today.

We had an opportunity to chat about a wide range of issues.

Our focus was on the installation of large module tiles with the Tuscan Leveling System to reduce or eliminate lippage. And Medium bed adhesive mortars like Laticrete 4-XLT.

More info on the TLS here.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

John King Art

"Here are some pictures from a job I am doing up on the ridge of a mountain. The house is partially buried in the earth. I am installing my handmade concrete tiles on some of the exterior walls. Some of these tiles are 1.5' x 8'. They are all 5/8ths thick. In the past I never poured them more than a few feet tall at that thin thickness but I just kept experimenting with the mixture and forms. The first thing I couldn't believe was getting them out of the forms without breaking them. Then I couldn't believe I got them loaded on the truck without breaking, then driving them ten miles over rutted roads with out breaking, then out of the truck, then finally installed without breaking them. (well most of them)
Thanks to Henry for the great information on Latapoxy 310. It is working really well. Easy to mix and apply etc."

John King
John King Art


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Monday, August 09, 2010

Safety Vests On The Jobsite

Top photo courtesy of Larry Catalano, a tile contractor from Toronto, Canada
Bottom photo courtesy of Dan Whelan, a tile contractor from Jacksonville, FL

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Friday, August 06, 2010

The Son of Some Tile Folks

Crystal Mall in Waterford asked Joey to display his car (and himself!) inside the mall.

He signed 100 autographs!

Joey is the young son of

Joe & Jennifer Ternullo
Middletown Ceramic Tile Co.
Middletown, Connecticut


Jeff & Foosball

Some people are passionate about what they do.

Jeff is passionate about Laticrete and Laticrete support services to the contractor.

Jeff is also passionate about his hobby, Foosball.

Jeff is a competitive Foosball player. He has won more than 15 Foosball titles including the 2005 World Championship!

Jeffrey Kimmerling
Laticrete Contractor Sales Representative
(203) 314-4240


Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Flags

"When I received the flag it was folded in its package….just the way flags usually arrive. The folds become creases over time in the package and the best way to get rid of them is to fly the flag. These shots were taken in my back yard at the 100 yard marker on the first fairway of Hibiscus Country Club in Naples, FL. I proudly fly the American flag every day and occasionally change the secondary flag to suit the occasion. On Saturday July 31, 2010 every golfer at Hibiscus saw the Laticrete flag."

Tom Dardis CGP, CAPS
Affordable Flooring & Kitchens
Member Collier Builders Industry Association
CBIA Remodelors Council Director/Secretary
NAHB Certified Green Professional
NAHB Certified Aging In Place Specialist
CBIA Foundation Director
239-784-2438 cell


SeaShell Tiles

"Accent wall in the bathroom. The dry area. Had to work on top of newly installed ipe wood floors.

The tile is from Bedrosians. It is literally made from seashells. Left ungrouted.

Was going over drywall. Used 4 xlt so that I could go from the top down. Did not want to drop anything on the finish tile. Not going to be easy to clean.

I did like for glass mosaics, I flattened my notches, but went with a 1/4" notch, started with v but not enough transfer. The xlt just held the tile up there. "

Isaac Homza, Tile Contractor
Higher Standard Tile & Stone

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Shock & Vibration Resistant Adhesive Mortars

Edificio Alonso de Cordova
Santiago, Chile

This large exterior porcelain tile cladding project in Santiago, Chile survived the second strongest earthquake of the last 100 years in Chile, 8.5 on the Ritcher scale

Install Date: 5/1/2008

Product(s) Used:
• Laticrete 1500 Sanded Grout
Laticrete 1776 Grout Admix
Laticrete 254 Platinum

• Concrete - Cast in Place Walls
• Concrete Masonry Units (CMU Block)

Application Type:
• Facade, Exterior Thin Bed

Finish Type:
• Porcelain Tile / Vitrified Tile

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My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday .... I celebrated .....

I received a few birthday greetings ....!


Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Recent project by our friend and tile installation craftsman Stephen Maloney

Hydrobarrier for the first time

4XLT – Steve laid the whole shower without spacers – he is an artist

Permacolor grout

"Here's some photos of that shower I told you about, as I said the homeowner was amazed with the products we were using and the fact that we did not need spacers 'cause we used 4xlt."

Stephen Maloney
Maloney Tile and Marble
Livonia, Mi.
734 513-5041 office
734 513-5150 fax
734 578-6999 mobile

See some of Stephen's work on his Blog at www.maloneytile.blogspot.com

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Mick Installing Tile

Mick installing tile on his own project.

Thinset / medium bed mortar is Laticrete 4XLT, self leveling is LatiLevel and Anti-fracture membrane is Laticrete Blue 92.

The Tiles are from TREND USA size 16x48" by 3/16 thickness.

Interested in installing large module tile or stone and providing a plumb, true & smooth installation ...?

Check the Tuscan leveling System. Click here.


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