Wednesday, August 11, 2010

John King Art

"Here are some pictures from a job I am doing up on the ridge of a mountain. The house is partially buried in the earth. I am installing my handmade concrete tiles on some of the exterior walls. Some of these tiles are 1.5' x 8'. They are all 5/8ths thick. In the past I never poured them more than a few feet tall at that thin thickness but I just kept experimenting with the mixture and forms. The first thing I couldn't believe was getting them out of the forms without breaking them. Then I couldn't believe I got them loaded on the truck without breaking, then driving them ten miles over rutted roads with out breaking, then out of the truck, then finally installed without breaking them. (well most of them)
Thanks to Henry for the great information on Latapoxy 310. It is working really well. Easy to mix and apply etc."

John King
John King Art

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