Monday, August 30, 2010

No Grout Mosaics Install

Message #1:

On a side note I've been very impressed with Laticrete products usually after using something else and having trouble. I used the 4XLT for a glass mosaic backsplash in my kitchen and that thing is magical. For one there is no sagging and second when I straightened out each piece of the mosaic it stays put instead of getting dragged by the meshing. I started with the H D thinset which didn't perform as well.

As for the grouting of the same tile, I first went with brand M and ended up having to rip out some of the tile because xx is totally unusable. Its 100% unforgiving and a bad idea for anything with a lot of grout lines that need to be "dressed" like a glass mosaic. Ended up ripping out half the tiles cos the grout stuck to it and then grouted the second time around with Permacolor which was a joy to work with! Could've saved myself 1 week and $1000 by using Permacolor first.

I will post my experiences on the board to help other DIYers avoid my mistakes.

Any help with the installation of the Inax sentousai will be appreciated

My Reply:

Installing No-Grout Mosaics or Stone

1) Use white thinset for a white or light colored tile, gray thinset for gray or dark colored tiles
2) Use a GOOD quality thinset DESIGNED / Engineered for hanging these types of products on walls and "mix it to the proper, normal" consistency
3) Knock down trowel marks
4) Insure that there is no "ooze"

Message #2:

I tried a 1/8 trowel but felt it was too small so I upgraded to a 3/16 and everything is sticking and the joints are free of excess thinset. I am also using the Laticrete 4XLT thinset that thing grabs on to tile like a magnet so it allows me to use a smaller trowlel. I will post a picture when its done its a pretty cool tile.

Funny thing is the installation instructions inside the tile boxes are in Japanese. I was going to Google the translation but how the hell do type Japanese characters?

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