Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Easy to Use Epoxy Adhesive

I used the Latapoxy 300 that you were so VERY kind to provide.

It's very nice material. I agree with you, it trowels much, much better than xxx . It also cleans up easier and water seems to be an effective cleaning agent during the whole job (unlike the xxx). Cleanup without lacquer thinner is very, very important!

I did post my findings on the forum, in the same thread.

Thank you again for the sample. Next time the need arises for epoxy thinset... it will definitely be Latapoxy 300.

BTW, Dale (my local rep that arranged getting me that pail) is a great ambassador. His demo sold me on Spectralock ... I use it for almost everything I do now.

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Note: If you haven't worked with our Latapoxy 300 Epoxy adhesive and would like to try a pail ... send me an email: or call me: (203) 393-4620

Latapoxy 300 - More info, click here.

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