Thursday, June 30, 2011

LATICRETE Glass Tile Adhesive Comment

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"Love the GTA!! Kudos!!! A million times thanks for the sample bags!!!"
More info on Laticrete GTA here.
Let me know if you would like a no charge sample bag to work with.  Send me an email.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 TCNA Handbook Advisory

Information & comments regarding the appendices included at the end of the new 2011 TCNA handbook.
Each TCNA method references an ISO standard for the applicable adhesives and grouts contained within the respective method. It is important to note that there are no current ISO material standards for membranes and underlayments. The appendix breaks out the required performance standards for adhesives and grouts and then lists the respective optional performance characteristics.
Pages 276 through 278 list the performance levels of each category of adhesives and grouts along with the optional performance level characteristics.
Pages 279 & 280 list the ISO Adhesive and Grout types (in chart form) by type / class / optional characteristics and materials description
Each TCNA method includes the “typical weight” of the installation system components. The methods will usually list the typical weight based on an assumed thickness with the provision to increase the weight as the underlayment type changes or increases in thickness. The substrate itself is not included in the weight of the method. The individual installation methods point to Appendix B for weight assumptions. This feature of the handbook is intended to assist the design professional in calculating the contribution of the installation method to the total dead load of the structure.
Page 281 begins with ‘general weight assumptions’ for tile, stone, bond coats and membranes.
Pages 281 & 282 continues with weight assumptions for mortar beds, cementitious self-leveling underlayments, poured gypsum underlayments, backer board, wood underlayment panel and membranes.
Pages 283 – 287 contain charts by category type (e.g. “Direct Bond Methods”, “Mortar Bed Methods”) which lists the TCNA method along with component weights and total tile / stone assembly weights. This is a very helpful section for the design professional. Methods can easily be compared and assist the design professional in their selection of appropriate installation systems.
This is a quick reference guide to all of the industry reference materials included in the handbook. Design professionals with questions on the source / considerations for assumptions can be directed to the appropriate industry standards organization for more information. An address and web site are provided for each organization.
Quick reference guide for each TCNA method and its respective page number.
Quick reference guide that lists methods by category type (e.g. interior floors over wood, tile tubs, fountains and pools, etc..). The method name, TCNA number designation and page number are listed. The methods are divided into “Tile” and “Stone” types.
A listing of all associate installation member companies is listed. LATICRETE International, Inc. and LATICRETE, S.A. de C.V (Mexico) are listed in this section.
TCNA MEMBERS – Rear cover
A listing of all TCNA member companies appears on the rear cover. These companies are tile producing companies that form the foundation of the TCNA.

Information courtesy of:
Arthur Mintie CSI, CDT
Technical Services Director
LATICRETE International Inc.
(203) 393-0010 x 326

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch Today ..... The Big Green Pizza Truck ....!

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Pizza party for lunch for Laticrete people in CT.

Freshly baked wood oven pizzas by The Big Green Truck

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrate With Us

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The tile and stone installation business has taken its share of hits during the past four years. Whereas there are no magic wands that once waved to transform the times back to the way they were, there are some basic American norms to be re-discovered as we approach July 4th. The independent spirit which built this country needs to be re-ignited for many reasons, one primarily because Americans need each other more than ever - we need to help our countrymen get back to work. In the tile installation sector, we need more contractors back on the job. That’s why it makes sense once again to connect and build relationships with All-American companies like Laticrete .... companies just like yours.

More than 55 years ago, LATICRETE was launched with a specific mission to become the best supplier of installation systems for tile and stone. Started by Dr. Henry M. Rothberg, LATICRETE was a family-owned company then, and is a family- owned company now. “We’ve never forgotten our roots,” declares David A. Rothberg, President/CEO/Co-owner. “We know many of our customers, especially contractors, are family-owned, as well. We understand their spirit; they understand ours. The result is a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship which becomes very “family-like.”

Even though LATICRETE has grown to become an innovative global company with worldwide manufacturing facilities selling product in virtually every nation. You can still easily reach anyone in the company, including top management. “Our customers are important to us so we make ourselves easily accessible,” added Rothberg, who will readily give you his cell phone number. Over the years, LATICRETE has introduced many “firsts” to the construction industry. These include thin-set technology, waterproofing membranes and much more. And these products have helped customers grow and prosper. A good testament to that comes from Frank Indoccio, 89, of Merrimack Tile & Stone, whose firm has been using many LATICRETE® products since their inception. “With LATICRETE thin-set, we could accomplish more with less people. And, it greatly reduced the time it took us to train apprentices to become journeymen. Partnering with LATICRETE all these years has clearly helped build our company.”

There is no more uniquely American holiday than Independence Day. And within the tile and stone sector, there is no more uniquely American company than LATICRETE. Since 1956, the American dream of Dr. Henry M. Rothberg focused on helping contractors like you become more efficient in every aspect of tile and stone installation. His dream also included building long-term relationships.

We welcome you into the LATICRETE All-American family.


Father & Son

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Non-Sag

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Click here for more info


Shirts for the Boys .. and Movement Joints

Click on images to enlarge
"Hi Henry,

Thanks for the shirts for the boys! When I came home for work yesterday they wanted to put on their work shirts and help Daddy. So we unloaded the truck together. If you want to you can use it in your blog.

Thanks again.

And if you have any I would love one of those new Spectralock samples. Would be helpful for client meetings.

Also pictures of a repair job for a high end vacation home pool deck. Original installation is only 5 years old but no movement joints were installed. We replaced hollow tiles and installed movement joints with Latisil. Just getting ready to install the sealant at this point."

Isaac Homza
Higher Standard Tile & Stone
Hawaii State Director NTCA (National Tile Contractor’s Assoc.)

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mosaic Workshop in Greece

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"Laticrete comes through again and supplied cement-based adhesive for my class in Greece : Laticrete 211 powder and Laticrete 4237 Latex Additive. Our class got to work with the best, thanks, Laticrete!

Images from my 2011 'Intensive Mosaic Workshop in Greece: Working in White' on the island of Paros."

Sonia King
Sonia King Mosaic  Artist

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Technical Advisory - TCNA Steam Shower/Room Assemblies

This week’s Technical Advisory deals with the two TCNA Steam Shower/Room assemblies

STEAM SHOWER/ROOM; MASONRY/CONCRETE – SR613 (Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile) - pages 179 & 180

There is a fundamental departure in the design and use of steam rooms in the new manual. In previous TCNA manual editions, there was no distinction in performance between the two installation methods. Method SR613 is now the only method approved by TCNA for commercial applications. It achieves a Res 4; Com 4 environmental classification. This method is much more detailed and comprehensive than in past editions. Attention is drawn to the fact that steam shower installations are highly specialized applications that require an understanding of temperature and humidity control, insulation, the behavior of the waterproofing membrane and how it integrates into / with many of the other installation elements within the tile assembly. An optional “bonding flange” cut away floor / base detail is now also part of the method.

STEAM SHOWER/ROOM; MASONRY/CONCRETE – SR614 (Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile) - pages 181 & 182

This method is now positioned as a residential only method achieving a Res 4 environmental classification. This method is unique in that provision is made to build this method with cement backer board walls or with lath and plaster walls. The method requirements list similar design criteria as the previous method. In addition, specific instructions are listed that pertain to the use of cement backer board as the wall cladding and for lath and plaster walls. An optional “bonding flange” cut away floor / base detail is now also part of the method.

We have already started to receive calls on the limitations of this method. A common question is; ‘Will LATICRETE warrant method SR614 when used in a commercial setting?’

Our answer has been:

Yes. Provided that the Design Professional understands the limitations and concerns with the installation of steam showers and the critical elements required therein. We have many successful steam shower projects installed in accord with method SR614. As with other critical installations / methods, attention to detail is necessary. We ask that the Design Professional and the Tile Installation Professional follow the installation methodology carefully in order to prevent any problems with the installation. Both of these methods are so detailed, that one can literally go down the list of requirements to double check if all of the major issues / concerns have been addressed with the design, specification, the installation and maintenance of the steam shower.

Read more about this subject of Steam Showers  in the Laticrete Technical Design Manual on this subject:
Tiled Steam Room and Steam Shower Technical Design Manual
The goal of this manual is to provide the necessary information to help ensure a proper and long-lasting tile installation in a steam room or steam shower environment.
View Manual
Download Manual (pdf)
Download Manual (ePub / iBooks / iPad / iPhone)
Download Manual (Kindle)

More Info Here:

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Email Received

"Good morning Henry. How are you ? In this part of the world things are great. Work is really good !  We are filling trash cans with empty bags of 253 gold and 252 silver. The support I have been receiving and the knowledge from your representatives is making tile installations like child's play. I've been out of touch with you lately but I'm here to say, the ride along with you guys is awesome. We are spreading the word more and more with my fellow installers to invest that extra 2, 3 dollars in a productive material. It's working.

Have an awesome day Sir ! Best wishes."

Orlando Car
Certified Floor Covering
Owner / Master Installer

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Laticrete Logos ... What ...?

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kathy's LataBaby

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"Attached is a photo of my granddaughter, Callie, in her Laticrete tee shirt.  I just wanted to share.  My sister just posted this picture on Facebook.  As soon as I saw it, I asked her to share.
Have a GREAT day!!"

Kathy Rafter
3rd Generation Tile Contractor Laticrete User

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Laticrete Salesforce Equipped With iPads

Another Industry First ....!

Ron Nash the Laticrete APD Director of Sales for the USA & Canada has announced that the Laticrete team has become the first sales force in our industry segment to roll out iPads as their primary computing device.

Ron started the launch & training this week. The Laticrete Texas region is iPad active & online today.

More info to follow.
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A BIG Truck

Click on images to enlarge

Normal vs. BIG

The "Blue Magic" CXT
"It is done, it is on the road and I'm just waiting for Guinness to confirm what I already know.

There are still a few minor things like some wiring and a couple of nuts and bolts but it is ready to roll.

Coming to a street or stadium near you soon!

Official weight is 16,820 lbs. Height to top of cab is 10' 2", top of stack is 11' 10" and length is 21' 10".

Photos just don't do it justice. It is the biggest thing on the road, no ifs, ands, or butts."

Glenn Harris  
World Class Pools
America's 1st Licensed Pool Building Family
Honolulu       Orlando       Tokyo


New Laticrete Regional Manager In Texas

Click on image to enlarge

Join me in welcoming Jimmy Archer to the Laticrete Sales Team as the new Regional Manager for the Texas Region.
Jimmy was most recently with DalTile serving as a Commercial Sales Representative for the Houston market and was previously branch manager for DalTile Houston South.  During his seventeen years with DalTile he was recognized for outstanding sales achievements achieving Presidents Club honors for multiple quarters.
Jimmy lives in Houston, TX with his wife, Leah and daughter Ashlyn.  In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.
Cell phone: (203) 530-3382

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LataMastic Pail ....? Screwdriver / Level Tool ...?

Click on images to enlarge

I have been a fan of your company and products.
I would love one of the levels you offered.
I have used this pail as a tool bucket for over 20 years. LOL


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Went For A Walk .... For A Good Cause

Click on image to enlarge
Group Gathers for walk to raise funds for TSC research

Click on image to enlarge
My two daughters, my son (partial hidden), my wife (hidden behind me) and myself walking

A 3 mile walk to raise funds for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex research at the Rothberg Institute

The Rothberg Institute For Childhood Diseases is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for children suffering from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). The Institute operates at the intersection of molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, and nanotechnology.

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Laticrete in Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Click on images to enlarge

Top:  David Rothberg with Bill Qiu, Laticrete China GM, and Laticrete distributor's staff in Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Bottom: David in front of Laticrete distributor showroom in Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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Stainproof Grout

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SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout Stain Demo Disk

The above is an image of new marketing tool to support the recent launch of our new SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout!
A 3.5” disk of cured SpectraLOCK Pro Premium grout in the color Sauterne providing a quick and easy method of demonstrating our leading message for this product – StainProof Grout.  The backside features a label with a call to action and instructions on how to test its stain resistance.  

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Laticrete Guy In Norway Is Getting A New Sailboat

A few pictures from various angles. This is a new type from X - Yachts in Denmark. Will be built in December this year. 38 feet.

Med vennlig hilsen

Morten Gaarud 

Tel. direkte: +47 23 33 90 04 
Mobil         :  +47 91 37 62 63 

Laticrete Nordic AS
Stanseveien 31, 0903 Oslo
Telefon: +47 23 33 90 00
Telefaks: +47 23 33 90 01
E-post bestilling:

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dinner Last Night

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Traveling this week. Dinner at my favorite restaurant  -  Sonny's BBQ .....! Baby Back Ribs ....!



Click on image to enlarge
"Ready for second coat on walls, mud bed 4 day cure.  Will start wall tile this afternoon and first coat floor at end of the day."
Jim Garbe

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

We Want To Be YOUR Choice

TLS Training & Educational Event

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Truth or Consequences, NM

Click on image to enlarge

I received an email and photo.

"Kate Jessup (maker of mosiac stumps) here. I mentioned that I started a mosaic project in Truth or Consequences, NM and it's going incredibly well. I got a giant crate of tile and Laticrete 254 thinset dropped off out here in the middle of nowhere.  ( 254 is blowing my mind, thank you and Mike Werner for the reccommendation)

Quick question: I can't stand the idea of using anything but Permacolor to grout and I found out that I can get some supplies in El Paso, TX tonight. Can you shoot me the info for your rep in that area so I can find a good place to get some? (Or pass my info along to him/her. Looking for Natural Grey, Quarry Red, White, Desert Khaki)

Sorry to bother you with such a trivial question! But I'm desperate to avoid the silly brand at the local hardware store.

I hope you are doing well!

I'll send some pictures of the project if you're interested.

Best wishes,

See Kate's "Stump" Mosaic Work Of Art Here:

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Message From Recent PTK Attendee

We received an email message from one of the people who attended our International group Passport To Success (PTS) Educational & Training event last week.
"The seminar was very well organized and entertaining.  I became convinced that Laticrete's vision presented to us at the keynote presentation actually comes true.
A big thank you all for your arrangements pre-our arrival and the considerable effort during the course - we saw your professionalism  and investment in each part. Please forward our deep appreciation to everyone who took part in the preparations for and during the seminar as well as considerable and sometimes excessive effort you invested in our extraordinary hosting at your premises .
I think the seminar has contributed greatly to ways of thinking and deep understanding of how the company develop and produce materials.
I look forward to continuing  to deepen our cooperation in the future.
With all the best,

Nir Engel"

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Florida Botanical Gardens Mosaic Work Finished

 Click on images to enlarge
The Mosaic Artist:
Heather Anderson
Clearwater, FL
Photos by Chuck Rennick -

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Friday, June 03, 2011

PTS Group Graduates

Click on image to enlarge


Joey Wins

Email from a proud mother:

"Great news!  Joey placed 1st last night June 1st out of 12 cars.  He started 8th and came in 1st. 
In addition to that, he is now in the lead for points - out of 14 drivers.
Very proud of him. 
Will send you some pics once I get them from the photographer.  Thanks!"
Jennifer Ternullo
Middletown Ceramic Tile Co.
Middletown, CT

From the Speedbowl website:
"Ternullo dominated the 20-lap Bandolero feature for his first win on the year.  He powered  outside of leader Jordan Lamothe on lap-3 to take command of the race.  From there, Ternullo opened up a large lead before the only caution waved when both Taylor Martin and Rachel Forte retired from the event.  After the yellow flag, Ternullo picked up where he left off and went on to an easy win.  Lamothe finished second and Robby Jones was third."

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lunch Today

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Lunch today with our international visitors.  Our Laticrete PTS educational & training program continues.

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Interesting Posting on our Facebook Page

"Why do I keep coming back to Laticrete? Quality AND customer service, that's why. A client's last-minute grout selection turns out not to be stocked in my area (1600-series Toasted Almond). I can't find it anywhere, so I call my local rep to ask him who might stock it locally. Mike Werner tells me, "Let me look into that for you", at 7:30AM. By 8AM, he calls back to tell me that he's having the Oregon plant break open a case and they will be shipping two units to my job site, "Next Day freight" and won't let me pay for the shipping!
Thank you Laticrete and thank you Mike Werner!"

Shaughnn Lee-Capua

Read more ... and follow us at

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Where Do Clams Come From ..?

From here .... a Clam Farm

A CT Clam farmer at work. Click on image to enlarge


International Visitors

We have a group of about 17 people visiting us here at Laticrete in CT attending one of our International Passport To Success (PTS) Educational & Training programs.

Click on image to enlarge

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