Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrate With Us

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The tile and stone installation business has taken its share of hits during the past four years. Whereas there are no magic wands that once waved to transform the times back to the way they were, there are some basic American norms to be re-discovered as we approach July 4th. The independent spirit which built this country needs to be re-ignited for many reasons, one primarily because Americans need each other more than ever - we need to help our countrymen get back to work. In the tile installation sector, we need more contractors back on the job. That’s why it makes sense once again to connect and build relationships with All-American companies like Laticrete .... companies just like yours.

More than 55 years ago, LATICRETE was launched with a specific mission to become the best supplier of installation systems for tile and stone. Started by Dr. Henry M. Rothberg, LATICRETE was a family-owned company then, and is a family- owned company now. “We’ve never forgotten our roots,” declares David A. Rothberg, President/CEO/Co-owner. “We know many of our customers, especially contractors, are family-owned, as well. We understand their spirit; they understand ours. The result is a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship which becomes very “family-like.”

Even though LATICRETE has grown to become an innovative global company with worldwide manufacturing facilities selling product in virtually every nation. You can still easily reach anyone in the company, including top management. “Our customers are important to us so we make ourselves easily accessible,” added Rothberg, who will readily give you his cell phone number. Over the years, LATICRETE has introduced many “firsts” to the construction industry. These include thin-set technology, waterproofing membranes and much more. And these products have helped customers grow and prosper. A good testament to that comes from Frank Indoccio, 89, of Merrimack Tile & Stone, whose firm has been using many LATICRETE® products since their inception. “With LATICRETE thin-set, we could accomplish more with less people. And, it greatly reduced the time it took us to train apprentices to become journeymen. Partnering with LATICRETE all these years has clearly helped build our company.”

There is no more uniquely American holiday than Independence Day. And within the tile and stone sector, there is no more uniquely American company than LATICRETE. Since 1956, the American dream of Dr. Henry M. Rothberg focused on helping contractors like you become more efficient in every aspect of tile and stone installation. His dream also included building long-term relationships.

We welcome you into the LATICRETE All-American family.



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