Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Message From Recent PTK Attendee

We received an email message from one of the people who attended our International group Passport To Success (PTS) Educational & Training event last week.
"The seminar was very well organized and entertaining.  I became convinced that Laticrete's vision presented to us at the keynote presentation actually comes true.
A big thank you all for your arrangements pre-our arrival and the considerable effort during the course - we saw your professionalism  and investment in each part. Please forward our deep appreciation to everyone who took part in the preparations for and during the seminar as well as considerable and sometimes excessive effort you invested in our extraordinary hosting at your premises .
I think the seminar has contributed greatly to ways of thinking and deep understanding of how the company develop and produce materials.
I look forward to continuing  to deepen our cooperation in the future.
With all the best,

Nir Engel"

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