Friday, July 31, 2009

OK, What is it ..? Really ..?

A sample of Laticrete 170 Sound Control Mat made into a Coaster for your desk. Want One ...? Want many to give out as samples ...? Send me an email:

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HydroBan demo boxes

Who wants some of these ..?

These are supplied flat, unassembled. The boxes are assembled by you and you apply the HydroBan.

These are a GREAT item for distributors, contractors, dealers.

Would you like some of these …?

How Many …? Send me an email:

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We like to work with Tile Factories .... and Distributors & Contractors to Educate ....

The Crossville Tile people in Alabama do regular emailings to Architects, Owners & Contractors. Their recent emailing was about LEED. And what Laticrete does to make LEED "paperwork" quick & easy for the contractor.

Take a look at it here.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wirtz Tile did an incredible job on this one

The scope of the work on this project is both interior and exterior. Exterior consists of veneers on both the parking structure as well as the main building, various water features and plaza areas.
Hydroban, 254 and Permacolor make up this warrantied system. Interior work consists of lobbies and bathrooms as well as a kitchen on the 11th floor. This installation required sound control since meeting rooms are on the 10th floor just beneath the kitchen.
This installation was originally specified Brand R sound control but due to height issues, required a different solution. The solution was Laticrete 125 Sound and Crack Mortar. Not only did it put them into warranty, but gave them a solution for their height requirements and saved them time and money on the installation.
The contractor used Hydroban for waterproofing, then 125 Sound and Crack Mortar, followed by Latapoxy 2000 for the 7000 sq. ft. in the kitchen.
Read More - Click Here

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We are showing up on Green - LEED oriented websites

LATICRETE Offers Online LEED Project Certification Assistant

LATICRETE has made specifying tile and stone installation materials for projects seeking LEED certification faster and easier than ever before with the launch of the LATICRETE LEED Project Certification Assistant, an innovative online tool that automatically generates all of the information required for LATICRETE products on a specific LEED project. Read More here or Be Green - Click Here

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laticrete 252 Silver & 255 MultiMax on Brian Shute / Ceramictec's Jobsite

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A good ph neutral cleaning product for Spectralock Pro grouted tile

There are various pH neutral cleaners manufactured by Miracle Sealants (e.g. MiraClean #1), Aqua Mix (AquaKleen), Stone Tech (e.g. Stone Tech Revitalizer), etc….

Even “clear colored” household liquid cleaners can work well for daily cleaning (e.g. Mr. Clean).

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New Laticrete Installation System Warranty brochure available

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Laticrete (Fishing Lure) Works

Terry Byrnes @ VAL Floors snagging a big fish in VT with the Lati Lure.

Would you like to have a Laticrete Rattlin' Rapala lure ...? Send me an email:

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amazing What Can Be Done With ....

We provided at no charge the following products for the Society of American Mosaic Artists
Mosaic Marathon:

2 - 50 lb bags Platinum 254 Thin-set - grey

1 - 25 lb bag Midnight Black # 22 – sanded Grout

1 - 50 lb. bag 317 White Floor ‘n’ Wall Thin-set Mortar

1 - 5 gal. Laticrete 333 Super Flexible Additive

..... and look what the community got ..!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Safety Gear - Hardhats, Vests

Need Safety gear for your jobsites ...? Want some Laticrete gear ...? Send me an email.

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New Laticrete Singapore Factory


Green - There are companies that are actually doing something


· 2009 – Selected by Oregon Business Magazine as one of Oregon’s 100 Best Green Companies to work for

· Named by the City of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development as a “Blueworks” company, recognizing our compliance with recommended environmental practices.

· United Tile’s Renton office has been recognized for its practices in a program developed by the City of Renton’s Business Recycling Program.

· We have committed to renewable power programs in every location. We pay a premium for this energy, but are assured 100% of it comes from renewable power sources. These Earth-friendly energy programs reduce the average environmental impact by 20% per month and help support the development of wind farms. These programs are offered through the following utilities:

o Portland – PGE Clean Wind Program

o Bend – PP&L Blue Sky Business Partner Program

o RentonPuget Sound Energy Green Power Program

o Snohomish County PUD Planet Power Program

· The company is committed to assist regional architects with products and information that helps them earn LEED recognition for projects they are developing.

· All employees are provided with training that alerts them to the importance of following environmentally sensitive practices and encourages them to do so in their personal lives.

· United Tile and Crossville ceramics held “greenwashing” seminars for members of the architectural and design community in Portland and Seattle. These programs drew attention to the growing problem of false or unsubstantiated claims regarding the environmental merits of products in our industry.

· United Tile actively seeks to represent manufacturers whose products are produced in an environmentally responsible manner. Suppliers under consideration must provide specific details regarding any environmental claims to ensure we are not contributing to the “greenwashing” problem.


The New Buzzword ... "Green"

Everyone's talking about "Green."
There's a lot of "Greenwashing" going on in the construction industry (a fancy way of saying a lot of BS is coming from vendors)*

OK, so here are my comments:

We were GREEN before the term was even coined …!

We were focused on safe products when our competitors were producing flammable adhesives.We were focused on safer, water cleanable epoxies when our competitors were selling epoxies that required flammable, dangerous solvents for cleanup.

And here's our company's official stance:

LATICRETE was the first manufacturer of tile and stone installation materials to earn and offer the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s (GEI) certification.

And our Green info on our website:

*Greenwash is a term used to describe the practice of companies disingenuously spinning their products and policies as environmentally friendly, such as by presenting cost cuts as reductions in use of resources. It is a deceptive use of green PR or green marketing.
Text above from

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Tile Forums

I spend a bit of time on Tile Forums. Reading & Posting. Sending messages.

Some of the messages that I receive put a smile on my face. Like this one:

"Great! Thank you very much for your attention! I really appreciate that you took time to answer my questions.
I am a scientist who likes to do things using advanced scientific approaches. I think that at Laticrete, you are not standing in one place and your products prove that.
(name deleted), MD, PhD"

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Medium Bed Mortars.... nice for floors with low spots

A message from a tile installer: "I used Multipurpose Pro for most of the floor but had a pretty good low spot in one section and used the 255 as a medium bed mortar. It was different for sure but worked great."


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Featured on a Florida Tile Installer's Blog

Brian Shute of Ceramictec specializes in "Stainless Grout" - SpectraLOCK.
And he promotes himself. That's something that is important to do. Take a look at his Blog:

Expedite your LEED project certification

Expedite your LEED project certification process with the new Laticrete LEED Project Certification Assistant!

Take a look at the LATICRETE LEED Project Certification Assistant:

Using this online tool
a LEED documentation package in PDF format will be generated which includes our Laticrete LEED Technical Datasheet, certification letters for each product, associated GreenGuard certificates and a map showing Laticrete manufacturing locations within 500 miles of your project location.

Then ...

Email or print this LEED documentation package ....!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comments from the field


THANK YOU for providing us with quality products and outstanding service. We have been through every major brand through the last 12 years and so I have become conservative about committing to anyone in recent times.
I am glad to report that your company hit the mark like no other ... we needed one source for all of our mortars and grout and with the exception of Kerdi and Ditra we will now use Laticrete for everything we do.
Please feel free to give out my phone number as you please .. If you have clients that want an objective voice I may be able to provide you some credibility. The only dog I have in this fight is that I have tried virtually every other company .. Hydroment, Tec, Customs, Mapie, etc .. all the companies had good products but had holes in the armor somewhere .. your products have provided solutions and that simply puts money in my pocket everyday.

Also you should know Eric at United is an exceptionally well qualified rep for your products. He did an outstanding job gaining our trust and selling us without "selling" - Eric is the type of person who puts money in your pocket and if I have sales or installation people putting $$ in my pocket I like to hang on to them.

Thank you again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Steve Working on HydroBan Shower Job

Nice T shirt. Who else wants one ...?

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Laticrete Educational Programs ... and Testimonials

I received a message from a tile contractor:

"Hello Henry,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hospitality Laticrete showered upon my wife and I during the PTK seminar we attended in Indianapolis last month.

It was an absolutely great experience."

Are YOU interested in joining us for one of our Laticrete Educational Programs ...? Click here for more info.

Send me an email if you would like an invitation to one of our programs. or call me (203) 988-1814

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Friday, July 10, 2009

YES… Laticrete, Green and Residential go together …!

The April 27, 2009, launch of the new version of LEED included an upgrade to the commercial and institutional LEED rating systems. The LEED for Homes Rating System and reference guide were not affected by the launch of LEED v3.

As part of the Laticrete team we have a Laticrete Architectural Specialist who focuses on the subject of Green / LEED & Residential and how we can work with you to pursue LEED certification on your Residential, and Commercial, projects.

USGBC: LEED for Homes

The LEED for Homes Rating System was originally designed for single family and low rise multi-family residential development. Want more info ...? Click here.

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Throughout its existence, LATICRETE has enjoyed the freedom of action and dedication to purpose brought by being a privately owned enterprise.
Being able to ignore the short term, often unrealistic, demands of the stock markets or equity speculators, allows us to provide industry leading levels of product innovation, customer satisfaction and corporate citizenship.
By heavily reinvesting our earnings into superior research, customer support and manufacturing capabilities, we continue to build long term value despite fluctuations in construction activity and evolving market needs.
The commitment of our owners to provide robust client service is unwavering and reflected throughout our organization.


Laticrete Singapore - New Facility

We continue to grow around the world.

LATICRETE is a world-wide manufacturer of installation systems for ceramic tile and stone.

For over 50 years, LATICRETE has provided the technology, products and experience to make innovative, permanent installations for tile and stone.

Architecturally specified and professionally endorsed by installers, LATICRETE offers a dedication to quality that results in globally proven solutions for virtually every tile or stone application.

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A nice tile remodel job and a proud tile installer

Take a look at

The picture is from the install of the first piece of tile ready to go down with the Laticrete 125 Sound & Crack Isolation adhesive.

The mechanic in the picture is my old mentor Tony Roman from Anthony Mion and Son in Schenectady, NY. He jumped at the chance to come up for an afternoon and try out some new stuff.

Jim Garbe, a.k.a. "gueuzeman"


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Laticrete Clothing, Anyone ...?

A message from a Tile Guy:

Thanks Henry for the hard hat , I received it today, I'll put it to good use. Got a little info for you from my wife, she says that I only shop for clothes at two places, "Kohls" for my jeans and "Laticrete" for my shirts and hats. Hope you get a kick out of that.

Do you guys have an online shop??

Just built an addition on the garage for my new shop so your products can have a place of honour. lol Steve


LATICRETE Donates to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Indianapolis

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Indianapolis. Hosted by Ty Pennington, the two-hour season finale aired on May 17, 2009, documenting and celebrating a brand new home for Bernard McFarland and his three sons in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood on the city’s blue-collar, near northeast side.

Check it out. Click here.

An Amazing Hobby

I am always amazed at the incredible hobbies that some ceramic tile people have.

A major tile guy and tile industry figure, John Sekora, is a Placomusophile.

Take a look at his website:

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Helper In A Bag Project

The Top Secret Laticrete "Helper In A Bag" project continues to move forward thanks to field trial efforts by Jim of Renaissance Ceramic & Stone and Jason of Old World Tile and Stone.

A) "Helper in a Bag" is Jason's idea, and B) Jason currently has possession of Elmo and has been putting him thru the paces. This is Jason's truck in the picture.