Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comments from the field


THANK YOU for providing us with quality products and outstanding service. We have been through every major brand through the last 12 years and so I have become conservative about committing to anyone in recent times.
I am glad to report that your company hit the mark like no other ... we needed one source for all of our mortars and grout and with the exception of Kerdi and Ditra we will now use Laticrete for everything we do.
Please feel free to give out my phone number as you please .. If you have clients that want an objective voice I may be able to provide you some credibility. The only dog I have in this fight is that I have tried virtually every other company .. Hydroment, Tec, Customs, Mapie, etc .. all the companies had good products but had holes in the armor somewhere .. your products have provided solutions and that simply puts money in my pocket everyday.

Also you should know Eric at United is an exceptionally well qualified rep for your products. He did an outstanding job gaining our trust and selling us without "selling" - Eric is the type of person who puts money in your pocket and if I have sales or installation people putting $$ in my pocket I like to hang on to them.

Thank you again.


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