Monday, July 27, 2009

The New Buzzword ... "Green"

Everyone's talking about "Green."
There's a lot of "Greenwashing" going on in the construction industry (a fancy way of saying a lot of BS is coming from vendors)*

OK, so here are my comments:

We were GREEN before the term was even coined …!

We were focused on safe products when our competitors were producing flammable adhesives.We were focused on safer, water cleanable epoxies when our competitors were selling epoxies that required flammable, dangerous solvents for cleanup.

And here's our company's official stance:

LATICRETE was the first manufacturer of tile and stone installation materials to earn and offer the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s (GEI) certification.

And our Green info on our website:

*Greenwash is a term used to describe the practice of companies disingenuously spinning their products and policies as environmentally friendly, such as by presenting cost cuts as reductions in use of resources. It is a deceptive use of green PR or green marketing.
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