Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wirtz Tile did an incredible job on this one

The scope of the work on this project is both interior and exterior. Exterior consists of veneers on both the parking structure as well as the main building, various water features and plaza areas.
Hydroban, 254 and Permacolor make up this warrantied system. Interior work consists of lobbies and bathrooms as well as a kitchen on the 11th floor. This installation required sound control since meeting rooms are on the 10th floor just beneath the kitchen.
This installation was originally specified Brand R sound control but due to height issues, required a different solution. The solution was Laticrete 125 Sound and Crack Mortar. Not only did it put them into warranty, but gave them a solution for their height requirements and saved them time and money on the installation.
The contractor used Hydroban for waterproofing, then 125 Sound and Crack Mortar, followed by Latapoxy 2000 for the 7000 sq. ft. in the kitchen.
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