Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Stop People From walking on Fresh Tilework ...?

Would you like a roll of Laticrete yellow caution tape ...? Send me an email -

The motion sensing hidden camera, like a hunting game cam, idea comes from a rather clever tile contractor up in Washington state.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LataLure At Work

The Famous LataLure

The Laticrete lure being used by the brother of one of our Regional Managers.

They do work....!

Smallmouth fishing in the Thousand Islands.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Feedback From A Contractor

"Just wanted to drop you a line on the 4xlt. You guys hit a grand slam its a great product no complaints here!

I'm new with using your products and I haven't been disappointed yet."

Dave Rogers

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Shower Installation In Progress

The tile installer indicated:

"HydroBan till 11:40pm last night. 253R and Permacolor today."

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USS Laticrete

Report from the field ....

Tile Contractors, Building Inspectors and Waterproof Membrane.

"Okay the maiden voyage. Of the USS LATICRETE. I am sure you will smile a mile. Here is the funny part. The inspector said he would pass it if a boat could float. Never under estimate a clever tile installer in love with great products from Laticrete !"

Note: The water filled area is lined with Laticrete waterproof membrane.
Its not a box. Its the actual entire shower stall. The Contractor is K9 UNIT REMODELING. And the city inspector had three other guys come by and look at the shower. But they really wanted to see the USS LATICRETE.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

LEED ... and fast preparation of LEED paperwork

"I thought you might like to know that I just received a compliment on the Laticrete LEEDS information I submitted for a project here in Columbia. The senior interior designer at an architectural firm said, 'I really like the way you did the LEEDS submittal.'

I told her that Laticrete was the best company that we deal with in regards to LEEDS information and that while some other setting materials companies claim on their websites to be green, they will not supply LEEDS information or even return phone calls regarding LEEDS. So, thanks for the ease with which we can pull the LEEDS information together."

Scott Scheer
Project Coordinator
David Allen Company
Lexington, SC 29073
Phone: 803.926.1040

Check out how quick and easy we make it for you to do your LEED paperwork with the Laticrete LEED Project Certification Assistant:


Some Nice Words About A Laticrete Rep

"Henry, I just wanted to let you know you have a h*ll of a rep in the Northern Virginia area.

Kurt Weber, your Laticrete rep, and I did a demo for my company's product yesterday for a client at a Dal-Tile warehouse.

He did an excellent job. Quite honestly the best and most informative demo I have been involved with. I learned a great deal about your products yesterday, so I am sure you can imagine how informative it was for the company’s employees.

The company is a high end exterior design company made up of people who have worked on the ground level with their hands in the dirt, but also see the need and desire for people to want their exterior living area to be as nice as the interior.

This is their first move into using tile in an exterior application, so the questions were coming from the basic to the extremely complicated. Anything they were dishing out to Kurt he was on the ball. Just thought you would want to know. I wish all the reps I do demos with were as prepared and knowledgeable."

(Email from an industry materials supplier - who makes a rather interesting product that I wish I could share with you - who prefers to be unnamed because he doesn't want to offend my competitors ...!)

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A Phone Call

I received a phone call from a tile installer late one afternoon last week. We chatted about a problem a friend of his was having. He later sent me this email:

"Thanks Henry. When I called, I didn't think about it being after 5PM where you are. I think it shows what a great company you have there when you give out your number and answer your phone after hours. I briefly talked to Mark about you and Laticrete, and mentioned the warranty that is offered when your products are used exclusively. He is certainly interested in using more of your products, and I think the fact that he will be in touch with the area rep is a step in the right direction."



Saturday, June 26, 2010

Historic Jobsite photos

David & I have been doing the Laticrete jobsite visits thing for a few years .....!

These are from the 1960s

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Mr Happy floating the competion away

Message from a tile contractor friend:

"The board he is floating on is the orange company's product. I have something up my sleeve .......

Its how ya test the products to the extreme and make a home owner understand. I took my Laticrete waterproof membrane box that I made to an estimate this am."

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Interesting HydroBan Demo