Monday, May 30, 2011

Education & Training

We Contribute to Education & Training

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We are proud that we contribute to the education of the next generation of tile & stone installers.

LATICRETE has continued to support the masonry students at Prince Tech High School in Hartford, CT with materials and methods for new in-class projects that help them to learn and understand the trade.

Most recently, LATICRETE donated the materials for the "Fountain of Youth" at Prince Tech High, including the revolutionary LATICRETE Hydro Ban to provide waterproofing, anti-fracture protection and a permanent base for the tile installation. LATICRETE also donated LATICRETE 254 Platinum thin-set and LATICRETE 1500 Sanded Grout for Prince Tech High School "Fountain of Youth" project.

Bob Jacabacci
Prince Tech High School
Hartford, CT

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Photo Buddy

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dan's Recently Completed Project

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"Almost 2400 feet of tile in. One week and grouted. Have sold about 6 showers doing HydroBan shower demos while working at the dealer."
Daniel Whelan
K9 Unit Tile
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 233-6986

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Next Generation Tile Installers ....?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Went Shopping


Florida Botanical Gardens Mosaic Work Grouted

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The Mosaic Art continues .... a close up of the grouted mosaic artwork.
More of the Artist's work can be see at

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Heading to a tile job

Jim Garbe
Renaissance Ceramic & Stone, Inc.
Delanson, NY

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Training & Demos at a Laticrete PTK

If you are a tile or stone contractor you should consider attending a Laticrete PTK Educational program.  More info click here.

 Wanda & David

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Florida Botanical Gardens Mosaic Work

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The incredible mosaic work of a Mosaic Artist and a group of volunteers ...!
Laticrete donated the tile installation materials & technical support for this Florida Botanical Gardens Mosaic Work.
The Mosaic Artist:
Heather Anderson
Clearwater, FL
Photos by Chuck Rennick -

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Baby Shirts

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Do you have a baby at home ...?  Want them dressed in the height of fashion ..?  Would you like a Laticrete Baby Shirt for them ...?  Send me an email with color - Pink or Blue - size (2T, 3T or 4T) and your full name & UPS street shipping address.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rebate - Laticrete Glass Tile Adhesive

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To download a rebate submission form, click here.
For more product information, click here.
To request a hard copy brochure, click here.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Nice Webpage

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 Signature Tile
Chad Nickless


Laticrete Educational Program In CT This Week

We have approximately 20 tile & construction people visiting with us this week for a Laticrete Profit Thru Knowledge (PTK) educational program.
One of them took a few moments to visit with Elmo.

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Eric Tetreault
EJT Contracting
Saugerties, NY

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Monday, May 23, 2011

New Issue of Laticrete Newsletter

The new issue of the Laticrete newsletter is available.  Send me an email if you would like a copy. Or click here to read this issue online.

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New Improved HydroBan Waterproofing

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More Info & Video here

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Technical Info - new additions to the 2011 TCNA Handbook

This week’s Technical Advisory deals with one of the unique new additions to the 2011 TCNA Handbook – specific installation methods that pertain to the installation of dimensional stone.

Recall that “stone” in the 2011 TCNA Handbook is defined as:

“Natural stone tile, also called dimension stone, is stone that has been harvested from its in-situ position in the Earth and cut and machined into tiles without altering the natural fabric of the material. Dimension stone has a nominal thickness of less than ≤” (19mm) and does not have any facial dimension greater than 2’ (610mm). Agglomerates and other engineered products do not meet this definition and therefore are excluded. Natural stone tiles that meet the definition but not the dimensional requirements are also excluded.” - 2011 TCNA Manual – Natural Stone Tile Selection and Installation Guide page 13.

For a refresher on natural stone tile characteristics and installation tips, reference the Natural Stone Tile Selection and Installation Guide located on pages 13-17 of the 2011 TCNA Handbook.

A note of importance contained within the Natural Stone Tile Selection and Installation Guide concerns “fiberglass mesh reinforced stone”. This note can be used to back up our position on the use of epoxy adhesive with stones backed with epoxy or polyester. The note states: “Many stone products have a mesh reinforcement adhered to the back surface of the tile. The adhesive used to attach the mesh is not standardized, but is commonly an epoxy or polyester-based adhesive that Portland cement mortars will not reliably bond to. Such reinforced stone tiles require epoxy bonding mortar.” An exclusion to this caveat is a specific stone / backing that has been tested and approved to be used with a latex fortified Portland cement based adhesive.

Another item that is need of clarification is the deflection criterion associated with stone installations over floors. The Marble Institute of America requires the following deflection criteria (MIA Design Manual):

Concrete slabs – not to exceed L/360
Plywood / Wood Framed Constructs – not to exceed L/720

Bear in mind that LATICRETE has established a deflection criterion not to exceed L/480 under total anticipated load for “stone” installations for both walls and floors (except when building codes take precedence). This LATICRETE requirement covers both dimensional stone as defined by the TCNA (above) and engineered stones. In addition, the L/480 criterion takes into account the variability in stone hardness and flexural strengths. Many stones may not have the flexural strength / integrity to be installed on slabs that meet L/360 deflection criteria. Therefore, LATICRETE’s more rigid requirement of L/480 covers the instances where these conditions may apply.

Also, it is important to note that all of the thin-bed stone installation methods require a tighter substrate surface tolerance of 1/8” in 10’ from the required plane when measured from the high points in the substrate surface.

EXTERIOR FLOORS – pages 198 - 205

Exterior Floors – (Stone) - pages 198–200
Exterior Roof / Deck Floors (Stone) – pages 201-203
Exterior Balcony / Deck Floors (Stone) – pages 204-205

A simple concept to keep in mind is that all of the exterior floor methods that apply to ceramic tile also apply to stone applications. There are a total of 5 methods that cover the three exterior applications under EXTERIOR Floors. This will not be the case with the INTERIOR Floor methods.

INTERIOR FLOORS – pages 206 – 230

Interior Floors Over Concrete – (Stone) – pages 206 – 221
Interior Floors with Radiant Heat Over Concrete – (Stone) – pages 222 – 225
Interior Floors with Radiant Heat Over Wood – (Stone) – pages 226 – 227
Interior Floors Over Wood – (Stone) – pages 228 – 230

Most of the common installation methods that apply to ceramic tile applications are covered in the stone section. Chemical resistant installations and methods that utilize organic adhesive are not suitable to receive stone as a finish and are therefore excluded.

Stone installation methods over wood framing are limited. There are 3 methods in the handbook over wood frame construction:
F250 (note that this method erroneously states L/360 maximum allowable deflection, it should be L/720)

However, method F250 allows for the use of various backer board types as the underlayment in addition to multiple combinations of plywood underlayment / backer board types.

Some common notes / requirements for the stone methods are as follows:

The stone methods factor in an additional 2lbs. weight per sf when compared to the ceramic tile details.
Consider unsanded grout for soft or semi-soft stones such as limestone, travertine, marble, onyx, or similar.
Cementitious Bond Coat – use white (colored adhesive mortar) for light colored marble, limestone, and other stones where staining or darkening from grey setting materials is possible.

Next week we will discuss vertical stone installation methods. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Arthur Mintie
Laticrete International
Technical Services Director

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Message From A Renovations Contractor

"I am so proud to pass out my brochure that your team designed for me! People are blown away with the professionalism and they have a sense of relief to see tile and stone installations that I have done. My customers love it when I put the Laticrete grout color swatch sample stickers directly on the tile for them to compare. Laticrete has given me the tools to put myself above my competition. I used to have my customers purchase their own grout but now I insist on using PermaColor and SpectraLOCK. Besides my underlayment it is usually a total Laticrete install."

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

NTCA Member Rebate Offer

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Laticrete Rebate Offer ....!

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Tradeshow Display

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We exhibit Laticrete products at tradeshows & exhibitions around the world.  This was our display recently at an exhibition in Vietnam.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tasty Sausages

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Interesting sausages at the market.  The Duck sausage was very good.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Nice Shirt

T & J Construction Services
Tom Hambrock
Manchester, TN 37355
(931) 632-0345


iPhone & Android Apps

More Info Click Here
"The Laticrete iPhone app is the greatest!! I use it all the time, and has helped me learn all about some products I would otherwise have not thought about using! The catalog is great too, but the app is easier to use, and more available at all times! Way to go!!
Thanks again,

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Nice Shirt

May I interest YOU in a Laticrete shirt with your company name ....?
Ceramictec - Tampa Tile Contractor


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Placement Photo

Email from a Tile Contractor:
"Hey Henry,
Thought you might enjoy a product placement picture.
Whole job with Laticrete.  209 deck mud, Hydro-ban Hydro-barrier hybrid, 4xlt and spectra lock - marble beige.
Not a perfect job but I think it came out looking nice.
Got ptk next week, I am excited."

Cain Curtis
Sugar Hill, Ga 30518

Sound Control

Sound Control / Sound Isolation products continue to grow in importance on construction sites.

Laticrete 125 addresses the issues of Sound Control while being effective, efficient & productive to install.  And Cost Effective. More information - click here.

Questions regarding Sound Control, Sound Proofing and Sound Reduction products are frequently being raised by Architects, Owners, Contractors & Installers.

These types of questions are becoming popular regarding jobsites where tile and stone are being installed.

We have recently introduced a small product sample that is idea for the contractor or installer to have handy to help answer these questions and actually show what the products look like.

If you would like one of these samples send me an email:

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Switched all grouts & thinset on project to Laticrete

Received message from tile contractor:
"Switched all grouts & thinset on project to Laticrete"

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New Grout Color Selection Tool

New 3D Color Fan Deck

Send me an email if you would like one or more of these.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Time To Go Fishing

Laticrete Rattlin' Rapala Lure
Time to go fishing ... Would you like a Laticrete fishing lure ...?
Send me an email with your full name and full street postal mailing address if you would like one.

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Spring Fashion ....?

Hal Garbe dressed right for a warm / cool spring day in upstate NY


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Work of Mosaic Art

Apollo's Stallions

Some background about the piece:

"Apollo's Stallions" is based on an original oil painting created in 1964 by Emily Touraine.  The clients own the work of art, and asked me to re-create it in mosaic for the outside of their newly-built Arabian horse barn.

I created the mosaic on Hardibacker board, using smalti (Italian and Mexican) and 24K gold crystal smalti.  I used 254 Platinum thinset, and did not grout.

My installer and I will be adding travertine trim around the edges within the coming couple weeks.  I'll forward additional photos then.

I loved working with the 254 Platinum, and was very pleased with the performance.  I have no doubt this piece will last for many lifetimes!

Dianne Sonnenberg Mosaics

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jobsite Inspector ....?

New Jobsite Inspector .....?


Got An IiPad ....?