Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obie's LatiBaby

So my baby girl was born on Saturday, the guys on the jb forum thought I should send you this pic of the first time I held her :)

Obie Flett
Elite Tile Works
1053 W. Valerio St.
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
Lic: C-54#952910

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Friday, July 29, 2011

National Teaching Hospital Haiti

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I wanted to give you an update on the Laticrete donation.  At this point, things on site have settled into a slow yet steady rhythm of work being put into place.  We have approximately 15% - 20% of the conc floor slabs installed and are ready to start tile installation in some areas.  Attached are a few pics (wish I had more) of some of our Haitian workers off-loading the Laticrete donation that arrived on site earlier this week.  (remember, Peter got the materials to us at the end of May = 8-10 weeks ago)  The other two pics are of the workers installing a small tile floor mock up for everyone's review and to confirm the install team knows how to properly install the tile.

On behalf of the National Teaching Hospital construction project team, I want to THANK YOU again for the generous donation of Laticrete products for the project.

I have copied Heidi Burgess from our team who can forward the most current blog and photo info on the project.

Thanks again!


Charlie Henriques
Project Manager
National Teaching Hospital
Mirebalais, Haiti
888 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Laticrete MVIS

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Why use a fortified LATICRETE MVIS mortar rather than jobsite mixed PC/sand mortar ..?

So the stone doesn't fall down ...!

Find more information on our masonry veneer installation system products here:

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Smarter Flooring Solutions

More Information here:


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Florida Botanical Gardens Mosaic Work

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Another view of this Mosaic Art

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Visit Contractors - Do Demos

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Message and photos from a contractor:

Just thought I’d let you know Greg and David came by today to do a demo on SpectraLOCK 2000 IG. They did a great job of demonstrating the product and made the guys a little more receptive to the training by providing a great BBQ lunch.
A few pictures are attached.
Hope you're doing well.

Wil Mundy 
Assistant Project Manager / Estimator
David Allen Company
Lexington SC 29073
Office- 803-926-1040 x25
CSI Codes: 09300, 09305, 09330, 09340, 09370, 09380, 09390, 09400, 09420, 09430, 09440, 09490

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Monday, July 25, 2011

ALS Indiana Event

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Thank you for the help, and for the Laticrete donation to ALS.
I have attached a picture of the “Laticrete Stage.” As you can tell I made sure that Laticrete got the best spot in the house!

Patrick R. Allen
Sr. Technical Service Representative
Based at Laticrete Indianapolis Facility
1.800.243-4788 ext 580

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ProFloors Event in Naples, FL

Click on photos to enlarge

Hi Henry,

Over 200 of our closest friends joined us last Thursday evening. Thanks again for Tony Campos and the Laticrete booth!

Best Regards,
Tom Dardis CGP, CAPS
The mind is like a works the best when it's open!
NAHB Certified Green Building Professional
NAHB Certified Aging In Place Specialist
CBIA Remodelers Council Vice Chair 2011
Certified in Materials & Methods of Installation Technology
239-784-2438 cell

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Planking with LATICRETE Products

Click on photo to enlarge
'Planking' on LATICRETE, this will get a laugh...
Lain is using the following system for installing Glass Mosaic

  • 3642 Mortar Bed
  • #335 Premium White
  • SPECTRALOCK PRO epoxy grout



Alan Wall
Trade Technician - VIC
29 Telford Street, Virginia QLD 4014
Tel. 07 3865 1599        Free call. 1800 331 012
Fax. 07 3865 2250       Mob. 0439 729 235

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Friday, July 22, 2011

PermaColor Product Placement ?

Click on photo to enlarge

Email from installer:

"What do you think ?
Ready to grout and using Laticrete Permacolor.
And of course, my work."
Orlando Car
Certified Floor Covering
Owner / Master Installer
( 510 ) 760 - 6810

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PermaColor Grout and Hot Weather

Technical Service Advisory - LATICRETE PermaColor Grout and Hot Weather

This technical service advisory deals with the topic of grouting with LATICRETE® PermaColor Grout in hot weather. Note that the recommended substrate temperature range for LATICRETE PermaColor is between 40° F (4° C) and 90° F (32°C). 
LATICRETE PermaColor Grout is a fast setting grout and has been designed to set up more quickly that traditional portland cement based grouts. 
This trait lends to better color accuracy. As with all fast setting products used in hot weather, care needs to be taken to ensure satisfactory grouting results. 

Note the following recommendations:
·         Store grouting materials out of direct sunlight (preferably indoors) at 40° - 90°F (4° - 32° C) to extend the shelf life, pot life and working time. Do not store products in direct sunlight. If the grouting materials are too warm, they should be cooled to the specified temperature range for 24 hours prior to the start of grouting.
·         Work during cooler periods of the day (e.g. early morning).
·         Always clean the mixing pail before mixing a fresh batch of grout. Left over grout in the pail (on bottom and sides) can accelerate the setting of freshly mixed grout.
·         Keep mixing pails, cleaning water pails, and drill paddles cool and out of direct sunlight. If interior storage is not possible, shade tools and pails and / or rinse with cool water just prior to use.
·         Keep water hoses used mix and fill grout cleaning buckets out of direct sunlight and run water until cool.
·         Shade exterior areas and interior areas exposed to direct sunlight to allow surfaces to be grouted a chance to cool prior to grouting
·         Dampen surfaces to be grouted with clean, cool water just prior to grouting and allow standing water to evaporate
·         Mix LATICRETE PermaColor Grout with clean cool water. This step will extend the pot life and open time of cement grouts. Mix with a slow speed drill mixer (~300 rpm) for 1 minute. Allow the grout to slake for 5 minutes and remix with drill mixer for 1 minute.
·         Do not over-mix LATICRETE PermaColor Grout. This may generate excess heat in the pail and cause the grout to set up more quickly than desired. Mix strictly according to LATICRETE instructions on product packaging.
·         If the grout begins to stiffen and re-mixing is necessary; remix with drill mixer for 10-15 seconds to an even consistency to prolong pot life. Do not add more water. Take care not to draw in hardened (dried) grout, from the sides of the pail into the mix. This may result in lumps appearing in the joints after grouting. When hardened lumps are visible in pail, discard them prior to re-mixing the grout in the pail. Remember to always clean the mixing pail before mixing a fresh batch of grout. Left over grout in the pail (on bottom and sides) can accelerate the setting of freshly mixed grout.
Refer to Technical Data Sheet 176 – Hot Weather and LATICRETE for more information on using LATICRETE Systems Materials in hot weather. 

Please let me know if you have questions.
Arthur Mintie
Technical Services Director
LATICRETE International, Inc.
Tel. +1.203.393.0010 ext. 326

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sample Board Available For Presentations

Click on images to enlarge

LATICRETE System Sample Board

Above are front and back images of a new LATICRETE marketing tool to promote our system approach for installation materials for commercial and residential tile & stone applications - waterproofing / thin-set / grout.

This new sample board offers a small footprint for ease in handling and shows our 2 newest products – GTA (Glass Tile Adhesive) and SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium epoxy grout.

Each board is approximately 10” L x 4.5” W and shows the following products:

  • Permabase
  • HYDRO BAN waterproofing
  • Glass Tile Thinset Adhesive Mortar
  • SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium (Color, Tawny)
  • 1” Glass mosaic tile

The sample board backside features a label identifying the LATICRETE products used along with key product information and a call to action to snap the TAG image for more info.

Need or want a board for your presentations ....?  Send me an email:

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Thinbed & Medium Bed Adhesive Mortar

Click on image to enlarge

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Technical Advisory - Movement Joints

This Technical Advisory deals with the TCNA 2011 handbook methods for Movement Joints

This Technical Advisory deals with one of the most important topics in our industry – Movement Joints.
EJ171 Movement Joint Guidelines for Ceramic, Glass and Stone – pages 271 – 275
The same 10 movement joint details carryover from the 2009 TCNA Handbook, however, the narrative has changed.
A discussion of the importance of movement joints now appears in the section.
Some critical changes are as follows:
1. Above ground concrete slab structures now require movement joints placed every 8’ to 12’ (2.4-3.6m) in each direction.
2. A caution is provided concerning the use of crack isolation membranes and relocating movement joints. Typically saw cut / control joints and cold joints can be relocated when utilizing a crack isolation membrane. The tile contractor is not held responsible for cracking when movement joints are relocated. The crack isolation manufacturer must provide clear direction when movement joints are relocated. The LATICRETE guidelines on this issue are to treat saw cut joints with our crack isolation membranes covering the movement joints a minimum of three times the width of the tile / stone finish and then to install a flexible sealant in the joint closest to the movement joint. Consult the individual product data sheet for more information as the type each membrane type may have some unique installation methods associated with it (e.g. fabric reinforced membranes versus non-fabric reinforced membrane types). We basically treat cold, saw-cut control and non-structural shrinkage cracks in accord with F-125 and F-125A by locating a soft, sealant filled joint at the next available joint.
3. A caution is provided concerning the installation of “saw-tooth” movement joints used to relocate movement joints for tile patterns that fall diagonally across movement joints. The preferred treatment is to place the movement joint where it falls. Sealant performance diminishes when installed in a saw tooth pattern.
4. A caution is provided concerning the potential staining of natural stones when using silicone sealants.
Expanded definitions of the various joint types (with a corresponding detail) are now included in this section:
Construction / cold joint
Contraction / control joint
Expansion joint
Isolation joint
Movement joints have been the subject of much debate as they pertain to the installation of adhered concrete masonry veneer (ACMV). Many ACMV manufacturers are silent on the inclusion and / or placement of movement joints. Laticrete Technical Services has recommended the exterior movement joint guidelines of the TCNA in the absence of project specific designed movement joints. However, at times ACMV manufactures have stated that the TCNA guidelines may be too conservative for their finishes. Therefore, in some instances, the Brick Institute of America (BIA) placement of movement joints has been prescribed (e.g. every 20 to 25 ft [6-7.5m] vertically spaced and at every floor [~ 10’ – 12’ (3-3.6m)] horizontally. Therefore, movement joints must be placed at corresponding joints in the substrate and in accord with either the Design Professional’s or ACMV manufacturer’s prescriptive guidelines.
Natural stone veneers fall under the guidelines of the TCNA manual for movement joints.
Let me know if you have questions or concerns.
Arthur Mintie
Technical Services Director
LATICRETE International
Tel. +1.203.393.0010 ext. 326

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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Manhattanhenge – sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice


Glass Tile Shower

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Go Fast

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Andrew Games
Estimator/Project Manager
Premier Tile & Marble
Gardena, CA, 90248
Office: (310)516-1712
Cell: (310)930-8416

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Naples FL Area Event

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seen On Jobsite

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Monday, July 18, 2011

A System Approach To Tile & Stone Installation Materials

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jobsite Hot Tub ...?

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birth of a Laticrete Warrantied Shower

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Installation by:
Bill Vincent
Bridgton, ME

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Henry's Place ....?

I received an email today:
I was out with Allen Giles owner of Tile Warehouse in Hawaii and he noticed this sign.  He said "you should take a picture and tell Henry he has a nice eatery". So here it is.  Nice place you have here, right in downtown Waikiki.
We do have some nice jobs here in Hawaii. 
Have a nice day.
Bernie Anderson
Laticrete International
Regional Sales Manager


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Laticrete - Amity High School Scholarship

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Racing in NH July 8th

Laticrete Port City 100 Modified Race at Lee Friday
more info here:

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Laticrete UAE Factory ISO 9001 Certified

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Rattlin' Rapala At Work

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"Caught by Alex Conrod July 4 on a Laticrete Lure at Candlewood Lake Danbury CT"
Jay B. Conrod
Product Development Manager
Laticrete International
Phone: 203-393-0010 ext. 320
Mobile: 203-927-6954
Fax: 203-393-9753

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