Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mosaic Artist !

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Kyra & Bonnie
Message received:

Hello Henry,

Bonnie Fitzgerald of Maverick Mosaics, and her husband Ken, came to a Conestoga Tile Learning Exchange for Strata_Mat and NXT Level yesterday in Sterling, VA.  She was very appreciative of all the support she has received from Laticrete and wanted me to send you a big Thank You! 
Kyra Weber
Technical Sales Representative
LATICRETE International, Inc.
One Laticrete Park North
Bethany, CT  06524
Tel. 203.393.0010

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Strata_Mat Uncoupling Membrane

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LATICRETE STRATA_MAT is a next generation high performance uncoupling membrane. For use under ceramic tile and stone installations. Residential and commercial applications. Designed to replace traditional underlayment materials. The unique patent pending design of Strata_Mat provides for an enhanced mechanical bond of the adhesive mortar and provides for faster drying of the mortar, allowing for shorter time to grout. Specifically designed for use with both modified and unmodified mortars, Strata_Mat allows for the proper adhesive mortar to be used with porcelain or large format tiles and stone.
Installation photos courtesy of Jim Picarazzi of Jack Splash's Backsplashes and Floors, Upstate NY
Top photo courtesy of Betsi Baker, Laticrete Distributor Sales Rep, South Carolina
Strata_Mat technology courtesy of the incredible technology team at Laticrete

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Amber - Laticrete Event in Port Macquarie

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Something Interesting

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Visiting Pool Projects

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Message from V-vo Mosaics - from Perth, Australia - who is traveling in the USA:
"Best mosaics I have ever seen. Panfilo. Pure Water Pools. The man is a genius.

Panfilo aka Pure Water Pools (Randy Beard) used HYDRO BAN and GTA (Glass Tile Adhesive) and PERMACOLOR grout. This one will be good. I have shown them 3701 but I need some to play with. I will call Eddie (LATICRETE OC) today. This is turning into quite a trip.

Kind regards,

Iain Middleton
V-Vo Architectural Mosaics

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strata_Mat About To Be Installed

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Message from a Tile Installer:

"The only brand allowed on my job sites."

Thank YOU and YOUR TEAM for awesome technical support, products that perform, and always having our backs on the job.

This is the big residential job I was telling you about. I've been documenting everything since it was a floor that originally could not have been tiled, so we took it down to joists, are replacing the subfloor, and utilizing the Laticrete Lifetime Warranty. The homeowner had gotten multiple quotes and I was by far the highest but got the job because I went through and explained how I could warranty their floor by using your products.

Since PTK, I've been selling the lifetime warranty on ALL jobs. Another tool in my toolbox thanks to the guys and gals at Laticrete. Oh, and Strata_Mat...awesome!

Should be done next week. I'll send you all of the pics. I'm planning on using them myself on my business page on facebook to show how the warranty system works. I'm looking forward to putting that together.

Hope all is well. Thanks again.

James Picarazzi

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A System Approach to a Backsplash !

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Message from Conceptual Tile Solutions:
A recent backsplash we just finished using Laticrete products

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Transition at Laticrete Australia

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Laticrete Continue to Build In Australia

As part of the Laticrete commitment to growth in Australia Adam Marks has been appointed as the Laticrete Australia National Sales Manager.

Adam brings to the Laticrete Australian team a wide range of skills and experience.

He is a tile industry veteran with a successful track record as a Laticrete field Technical Sales Representative in the United States. Adam was born in Canada and worked for 15 years as a tile contractor – using a wide range of industry products including Laticrete prior to joining the Laticrete team in 2007.

Adam gained tile & construction industry experience as a Contractor and Project Manager in both Vancouver Canada and Wilmington North Carolina where he organized sales and multiple installation crews.

Adam’s position as the Laticrete Australia National Sales Manager is a challenge which he clearly relishes. He was quoted as saying "I am excited about this new adventure in my tile and stone career. Laticrete Australia is ready and committed to providing innovative, industry leading highly productive tile & stone installation materials. The Laticrete Advantage - From the Laticrete Full Line of Products, Technical Service Support, incredible customer service and local Australian production to the growing Laticrete field representation. We look forward to helping architects, tilers and tile shops address the tile industry's needs."

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Stone Masonry Veneer Jobsite in Brisbane

Click on photos to enlarge
Message & photos from Nick, one of our key LATICRETE people in the field in Queensland Australia:

"Hi Henry, I ran into this fellow on a high end residential site today. He remembers meeting you a few years ago at Tilers Express and wanted me to say hello to you.
He is currently using LATICRETE MVIS adhesive mortar and LATAPOXY 310 Spot Bond materials on a large residential project in Hawthorne (south side of Brisbane).

Nice guy and he only uses high end materials as he knows they work!"

Our masonry veneer installation system includes sealants and a variety of products including: air and water barriers, adhesives and pointing mortars. Learn more about the entire product line, find testing reports and request brochures.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Frequent Tilers Card !

Click on photo to enlarge
Are you aboard ? In Australia Call Rohan ! 0400 82 8300 or FREE program to join ! And incredible benefits !

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ron & His Racing

Thanks to everyone who attended the Laticrete employee outing at Lime Rock Park last weekend.  We had a blast and I hope this fun event provided some entertaining racing for everyone.  A special thanks to Kristen Holland and Janet Brunwin and the rest of the Wellness Committee for organizing the event.  While I would have like to have won the race, my wife assures me the “crash” and a 3rd place finish  was probably more entertaining than a win.

Here’s a video of the entire race if you’d like to see it from my vantage point:

Here’s just the crash:

Also, we’re working to put a short video of photos and highlights on the Laticrete cafeteria kiosks around the world, so check that out next week.

Thanks again for coming out and hopefully we can do it again next year.


Ron Munnerlyn | Director of U.S. Manufacturing
Tel. +1.910.582.2252 ext. 101 | Cell. +1.203.848.7574

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The Moon !

On this date in 1969 the U.S. made the 1st manned moon landing

July 20, 1969 – Apollo 11 successfully made the first manned landing on the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility. 
Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first humans to walk on the Moon almost 7 hours later.
OK, so where are we over 40 years later ?
What happened to America's "resolve ?"

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Another LataKid !

Laticrete Assistant Director of Sales, North America - Eric's LataKid !


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Laticrete Australia National Sales Meeting

Just finished up our Laticrete Australia mid-year sales meeting.  Great conversations and discussions regarding Laticrete innovative, industry leading products.  Great "hands-on" demos and training. Great new product introduction plans.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pools, Spas & Fountains

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Click here for more information & to download our Pool & Spa Tile Brochure.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mosaic Artists' Workshop in Greece

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Hi Henry,

A big thank you to everyone at Laticrete for sending the white Laticrete 255 Multimax to Greece for the workshop.  A whole group of mosaic artists from around the world are now singing the praises of Laticrete!  And special thanks to Marilyn who was tireless as the package worked it's way through Greek customs!

My workshop in England is in a couple of weeks and I've already had emails from the other instructor and a few students about looking forward to working with Laticrete product :-)

Below is the class pic from the Greece workshop, outside our lovely studio on Paros.  It's a truly international group.

From left to right: Chrissie Woods (UK), Kaye Robinson (New Zealand), Hanna Westin Skogh (Sweden), Emelie Solklippa (Sweden), Meralee Schlusselberg (US), Audrey Meyer (Israel), Jane Dale (New Zealand), Michelle Akers (US), Serra Akinci (Turkey), Nuran Abdullah (Turkey), Charlotte Franklin (UK) and sitting, Lois Weaver (US).

I'll try to get as good a pic as this from the England workshop!

Many thanks. Sonia

S O N I A     K I N G
m o s a i c  a r t i s t

"Mosaic is hard. Art is harder."

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Monday, July 15, 2013

LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive

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Message received from a California Tile contractor:
I wanted to tell you my experience with the 310 spot bond system.
We used it on an interior vertical job of about 4000sq.ft. of 24x24 inch porcelain that went up to 40ft. in height.
It was the perfect system for this application. The guys were able to produce much more than expected and the job turned out so well that the owner was glad to have us do another building that was identical to the one I'm taking about. Please feel free to quote me on my experience with this.

Rucker Tile
OK, so what is Latapoxy 310 ?
A two component, high strength epoxy adhesive. Engineered, formulated and optimized for the spot bonding fixing method of installing tile and stone on vertical surfaces. Latapoxy 310 Stone Adhesive maintains its non-sag consistency at high working temperatures up to 95°F / 35°C. Interior, exterior, wet areas, walls, ceilings and soffit. Latapoxy 310 Rapid Stone Adhesive is also available. This Fast Permanent Bond sets in 5-8 minutes.

Click here for more info or to watch an installation video

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Race Time in CT

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Join us on Saturday, July 13th for a day of fun @ Lime Rock Raceway to cheer our own Ron Munnerlyn!!!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rock Solid Tile Pool

Click on photos to enlarge

Another beautiful Bisazza Glass Mosaic pool and spa installed by Jimmy Reed's team at Rock Solid Tile.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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Message & photo from a tile installer:

This is my current project. I used HYDRO BAN in the shower and on the bath wall corners with fabric to help reduce any fracture on the outside corners as they are all mitered. The customer does not like bullnose!

I will send another when I grout the floor with PERMACOLOR grout.

Thanks. Hank
Hank King
Alpine Tile of VT L.L.C.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Boston Local 3 Apprenticeship Program

Click on photos to enlarge
Laticrete is committed to supporting training programs !

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Monday, July 08, 2013

Mosaic Artists & Laticrete. More.

Artist, author and teacher Bonnie Fitzgerald talks about why she loves working with Laticrete Glass Tile Adhesive. Click here to view the video.  Click here for more info on Laticrete GTA.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Seen On Jobsite - NYC

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

4th of July Holiday

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Happy 4th Of July!

"We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." The Preamble to the Constitution of The United States of America

"...that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Abraham Lincoln, from the Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Hand On Demo. In Unanderra !

Click on image to enlarge.
If you are going to be in Unanderra Australia around the 3rd of July then join us for this event!  We'll put a few shrimps on the barby for you !

Unanderra is a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. It is located approximately 10 km south-west of the Wollongong CBD.

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