Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strata_Mat About To Be Installed

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Message from a Tile Installer:

"The only brand allowed on my job sites."

Thank YOU and YOUR TEAM for awesome technical support, products that perform, and always having our backs on the job.

This is the big residential job I was telling you about. I've been documenting everything since it was a floor that originally could not have been tiled, so we took it down to joists, are replacing the subfloor, and utilizing the Laticrete Lifetime Warranty. The homeowner had gotten multiple quotes and I was by far the highest but got the job because I went through and explained how I could warranty their floor by using your products.

Since PTK, I've been selling the lifetime warranty on ALL jobs. Another tool in my toolbox thanks to the guys and gals at Laticrete. Oh, and Strata_Mat...awesome!

Should be done next week. I'll send you all of the pics. I'm planning on using them myself on my business page on facebook to show how the warranty system works. I'm looking forward to putting that together.

Hope all is well. Thanks again.

James Picarazzi

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