Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laticrete Party at Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas

Let's Party

March 15th

Madam Tussauds

If you would like to join us and haven't already done so ...  send me an email so that I can get your name onto the invite list ...! I need your full name & email address.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surfaces & Stonexpo Marmomacc in Las Vegas

We introduced new Laticrete grout colors.  We had a contest.  We gave away some great prizes

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DalTile Plano Award

Peter Boidock DalTile Plano, TX Manager and Bob Duke of Laticrete.  
DalTile Plano Award event
In 2010 this DalTile branch was among the top 25 Laticrete distributors in percentage growth in the USA.

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BBQ Snack at the Hard Eight

Stopped for a snack on the way from the DFW airport to the Laticrete National Sales Meeting

A couple of Laticrete guys - Bobby, Bill & Walt.

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Lunch At The Laticrete Dallas Factory

David and I had lunch with the Laticrete Dallas, TX factory crew last week

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Exterior Stone Veneer in Korea

South not North ...!
Hansung Baekje Museum

"This navicular museum is about Hanseong-Baekje era that refers to 493 years out of the 678-year time span of the Baekje kingdom, one of the ancient kingdoms of Korea. This era covers the time when the kingdom was at its greatest, having Hanseong (prior name of Seoul) as its capital. The Seoul Metropolitan Government started this plan in need of the organizations in charge of historic legacies discovered in Seoul. POSCO E&C has taken on the construction work from December 2008, using Laticrete 254 Platinum supplied by OCTA International which is the LATICRETE distributor for the Korean market.
The leaned walls toward to the floor at 45, 90, and 107-degree were the most challenging part during the construction. At first, they were going to use Latapoxy 310 to bond the 250 x 800 x 30T sized natural slate stones onto the exterior façade of 20M height, due to the mesh attached on the back of the stones though, they had to change the method to wet construction.

This is a building with three stories below and two above the ground, and the gross area of 19,298㎡, located in Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul. POSCO E&C recently completed the work, the museum will be opening in April 2012 after the pre-opening in December this year."

배 모양을 하고 있는 이 박물관은 한국의 고대 국가 중 하나인 백제의 678년 중 493년에 해당하는 한성 백제 시대에 대한 이해를 도모시킬 목적으로 설립되었다. 이 시대는 한성(서울의 옛 이름)을 수도로 가졌던 백제국이 가장 번성했을 시기 또한 포함한다. 서울시 정부는 서울에서 발굴된 역사적 유물을 다루는 기관이나 시설이 부족함을 깨닫고 이 건립 계획에 착수하게 되었다. 포스코 E&C가 2008년 12월 착공한 본 공사에는 라티크리트의 한국 독점공급사인 옥타인터내셔날에 의해 공급된 라티크리트 254 플래티넘 접착제가 사용되었다.

바닥으로 45도, 90도, 107도로 기운 벽면의 특성이 공사를 가장 어렵게 한 것 중 하나이다. 이 20M 높이의 외부 파사드에 250 x 800 x 30T의 천연 철평석을 부착시키기 위해 처음에는 라타폭시 310 에폭시 접착제(점방식으로 접착)가 사용될 예정이었으나, 철평석 뒷면의 대지 때문에 습식 공법을 사용하는 254 플래티넘으로 변경되었다.
한성 백제 박물관은 총면적 19,298㎡ 지하 3층, 지상 2층의 건물로, 서울 송파구 올림픽 공원 내에 위치하고 있다. 포스코는 최근 공사를 마쳤고, 박물관은 내부 전시물 제작·설치에 들어가 올해 12월 예비 개관을 거친 후 2010년 4월 본격 개관할 예정이다.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surfaces in Las Vegas - Visit with Us ...!

Click on the image to enlarge it


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Works Of Art & Latapoxy 310

Photo Credit: James Greco, FGCU

10' x 30' tile mural in the entryway to the new Bower School of Music and Recital Hall at Florida Gulf Coast University, Ft Myers, FL.
The mural is created from 75 separate two-foot-square porcelain tiles and is titled Water Symphony

"Hello Henry,
I must say 310 was a lifesaver.  As a first time user I was hoping for the support your adhesive and applicator seemed to promise.  Man, did it ever deliver as I had a vertical wall 10’ x 30’ out of plumb 1” in several areas.  I quickly learned to apply the correct amount of adhesive and successfully adhered 75 tiles without mishap.  Your no-sag was superior especially when I had to make the dabs of the Latapoxy 310 large to fill the voids.
My 75 porcelain 2’ x2’ decorated tiles called ”Water Symphony” are securely fastened to last a lifetime due in large part to the Latapoxy 310.
Lucas Century"
Phone 239-848-0903

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Tiles Came Up Clean

OK, So What Does This Photo Tell Us ...?

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More LEGO Stuff

Dave & two of his kids

"I can definitely relate to those Lego days as a kid and a short while back, my family and I attended a Lego convention / trade show at the Hartford convention center. Unfortunately, my older son was not able to attend, but we took the younger girls and I was a little surprised how intrigued they were being that Lego is targeted more to males because of its building nature.  I know Jo in marketing attended recently with her son."   

David S. Barbagallo
LATICRETE International
Training Coordinator / Technical Service Rep
Tel. +1.203.393.0010 ext. 551


Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Grout Colors Are Here


BTW love the 4-xlt

Laticrete 4-XLT is a multi-use, polymer fortified thinset & medium bed adhesive mortar built on the new Laticrete Water Dispersion Technology (WDT) platform. WDT provides for the complete dispersion of water within the mix allowing users to achieve the desired application consistency. Laticrete 4-XLT offers tremendous utility including non-sag wall installations, medium bed build up of up to 3/4" (19 mm) and thin-set applications of floors.

A few contractor comments regarding the Laticrete 4XLT:

" ... do anything from basic floors to custom showers, in mostly all residential work. Also always looking for ways to improve on installation methods at the same time as opening our own retail store. Current I am purchasing Laticrete product from A/O in Cranberry, PA. BTW love the 4-xlt,getting ready to order a pallet."


"A truly great thinset, both non sag and medium bed. I have made it our one stop thinset. Dust-lock makes a huge difference in the mixing process(for those of us that don't use masks). Laticrete, you've done it again."


"I loved working with this product! I used it to install a fireplace hearth, (granite slab), and to install 18x18 porcelain tile. It was extremely smooth and creamy. This is my "new" thinset of choice."


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Hot chocolate with so much whipped cream

Does this belong on my Blog ...?  What's this got to do with tile & stone ..?

Friday, January 07, 2011

LEGO Architecture

Any of us who are kids at heart most likely hold a special place for those colorful little plastic blocks that snap together to make all kinds of stuff limited only by your imagination, storage space and parent’s disposable income.

Some of us can remember the day (long ago) when you didn’t buy Lego kits to build a specific thing – all they offered were big boxes with assorted quantities, sizes and shapes of the different “bricks,” headers, doors and windows.

Like everything else, Lego has evolved over the years, yet it remains an iconic and very valuable brand.

The above image refers to what looks like a very interesting exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington DC through September 2011.

The exhibition features Lego interpretations of the world’s largest buildings – the vast majority of which projects were done with LATICRETE – another iconic brand!

Please share this with your friends, customers and family. Anyone going to Washington this year might want to consider visiting the exhibition, and taking along a sibling, child or grandchild.

Ed Metcalf
President North American Division
Laticrete International


New Grout Color Selection Tools for 2011

New Laticrete Grout Color Selection Tools for 2011 are now available.

Grout Chip Clips
Grout Color Cards
Grout "Peel & Stick" swatches in a Grout Color Specifier kit

Send me an email if you would like any of these new 2011 Grout Color Selection Tools.

Call me if you would like to discuss Laticrete grout marketing opportunities.
My office phone: (203) 393-4620

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FloorHEAT Installation Method

In terms of the Laticrete FloorHEAT product, there are several important and special parts of the system and product itself - for instance a self-adhesive mesh-backed mat that will stay down for the installer and helps prevent poor installations, and/or the accidental clipping of a wire during the process.

But at the end of the day, by being a leading manufacturer of a "total system" that includes not only the FloorHEAT mat but the underlayments, the mortars, the grouts - the entire range of products for the installations (the only company that can say this), Laticrete can and does, include the entire FloorHEAT installation - all of the materials - in a comprehensive warranty.

Peace of mind!

So the Laticrete FloorHEAT product eliminates the No. 1 consumer complaint regarding tiled floors - a cold floor - then provides added security ... really right down the line with the warranty program.

Plus, Laticrete is known for it's excellent technical support service to answer questions … and help insure that the installation gets done "right …!"

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fireball Foosball Champs

1st Place in the 2010 Fireball Foosball US Open

Jeff Kimmerling / Tony Spredeman

Jeff is the Laticrete Contractor Sales Representative for IL & WI