Monday, November 30, 2009

More .... Tempe Ironman Event

Tempe, AZ Ironman Event

Not only does Jack do the Ironman event, he does incredible Sales Training.

Jack Daly

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Not All Ironmen Are Men ....!

Laticrete in the Tempe, AZ Ironman

Dr Margaret Coffey of Woodbridge, CT


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mosaic Art ..... with Laticrete

The mosaic ball!

It's being installed on the stage in Queen's Park Nature Reserve. Full story coming soon.

Studio OzMosaics
It's hot DownUnder!


Some Tile Guys Are Proud About Using Laticrete

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Laticrete Training & Educational Programs

".... just wanted to thank you for the invitation to go to the Laticrete PTK in Oregon. I had a great time learning about your products. The Reps there were top notch. Also thanks for the 125. You guys at Laticrete are awesome!"

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Be Safe ... use Laticrete ....!

We make this simple statement:

If you install tile or stone with LATICRETE system materials then your installation is covered with a comprehensive replacement of labor and materials warranty.

For technical support, answers to installation questions and information on how to obtain a full LATICRETE system warranty* covering labor and materials contact LATICRETE Technical Support: 800.243.4788 ext. 235, or +1.203.393.0010 ext. 235, or email or visit

* For full Laticrete Warranty details read our warranty data sheet

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Tile Handling & Installation - Tricks & Techniques

Using suction cups to make handling of large module tiles easier.

Using the Tuscan Leveling System to provide a "plumb, smooth & true" installation and reduce or eliminate tile lippage.

Using Laticrete Sure Set "no back buttering required" Medium Bed Mortar for a fast, productive installation.

Photos courtesy of:

Tom Hambrock
of T & J Construction Services
1105 Remington Place
Manchester, TN 37355


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Some of our Laticrete Guys ....

Some of our Laticrete Guys have been "on the Laticrete Team" for 10, 15, 20 or more years.

Here are a couple of them.

Care to guess who they are ...?

A Laticrete shirt to the first 3 people to identify either one of them. A Laticrete jacket to the first 3 people to identify both of them...!

Email me at

Tile Guys Like to Drive Fast Cars

Kent Klaser of Klaser Tile drives fast.

From Kent:

"It's a 1977 930 Turbo chassis that has been completely modified for track use only. We run a 500hp twin turbo and body style is a 996 GT3RS. We run in the POC (Porsche Owners Club) series and NASA series in Southern Ca. Primary race tracks are Willow Springs Raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway. Highlight was in 2007 when we won the POC 4hr Tribute to Lemans race. It ran from 6 pm to 10pm and we took 1st overall with co-driver Urs Gretener. Attached is the cover shot we got in the club newsletter after that event. "

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flood Testing Before Tiling

HydroBan put to the test.

Click on the photo above to enlarge it.

Crown Casino Melbourne
Swimming Pool on the 27th Floor
Crown Metropol Hotel
Melbourne, Australia

Most likely the most prestigious pool project in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hydroban was chosen because of Laticrete’s Proven Performance in swimming pools.

The contractors Prime Ceramics said it is the best membrane they have ever used.

We do quite a few pools in the land of Oz.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Laticrete Racing In Australia

Racecar - Jason Wyllie of Wyllie Tiles Tasmania Australia

Jason Wyllie - Wyllie Tiles - is a long time distributor of Laticrete products in Tasmania. We are co-sponsoring him this season racing Sprint Cars

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Jim Garbe's Work In Progress

Jim is installing tile with Laticrete 125 Sound & Crack Isolation Adhesive.

He is using the Tuscan Leveling System to provide a floor that is "smooth, plumb & true" with minimal or no lippage.

Read about Laticrete 125 here

Read about the Tuscan Leveling System here

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Laticrete Baby

I was having dinner tonight with a group of people attending one of our Laticrete Educational programs and I received a message:

One of our Laticrete guys in the Boston area, Matthew, has a new daughter.

Olivia Madison
8lb 4oz 20 3/4"

Congratulations, Matt ....!


Today Is A Special Day

Check The License Plate - THNXVETS

A guy in the construction materials business in Canada named Terry did this restoration. I had dinner with him tonight.

Gotta Watch this Video

Some interesting construction materials & methods are appearing on the market to provide FASTER installation of Stonework.

Watch a 24 square foot sample real stone wall built using a revolutionary combination of the New World Stoneworks system with Laticrete's fast setting Latapoxy 310 epoxy and Laticrete Masonry pointing mortar.

Watch the video. Click here

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Monday, November 09, 2009

CTDA Management Conference

We had dinner with some of our good friends in the Tile Industry at the CTDA Management Conference last week in Tuscon, Arizona


Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Do Laticrete People Do For Fun ...?

Dr. Randall Bright, Laticrete R&D Technical Director

Randy Plays the Blues


Something Beautiful ...!

Allison & Gary at Mixed-Up Mosaics do some pretty incredible stuff ...!

They created this for my wife.

The tilework - this work of art - and a few thousand feet of additional tilework is being installed by Mike Brooks of Stuart FL

Yes, its a Laticrete Job. Its my home.

See more of Allison & Gary's ART at their website:

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We like to support people who do Good Things

"My name is Olivia Albright and over the summer I spent three weeks in Ghana teaching at a gradeschool. My experiences were unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Thanks to yours and many other donations, I was able to help these African students with their English and Math skills. I learned so much more from them. Thank you for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated."


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hanging Large Module Tiles

Laticrete 255 Multimax holding up a 24x24" by 3/4" piece of travertine.
It has Kevlar fibers in it so should it be "bullet proof" as well ...?

Read more here

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There Are Contractors Who Really "Get It"

Henry M Rothberg, Founder of Laticrete International and Trask Bergerson at the Coverings Exposition 2 years ago.

Read & See here what Trask and his organization do to insure that they are knowledgeable about the newest installation materials & methods technologies in the tile & stone industry

Read and see what confirms that Trask "Gets It"

Laticrete training at Bergerson Tile .. pics and such

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Sometimes I Get Gifts From Tile Contractors

I received a Maloney Tile & Marble T shirt from Stephen today.

Jo did the work on Stephen's new brochure so she got to keep the shirt.

Spot Bond Installation Method

The Spot Bond Installation Method of installing stone in exterior and wet areas with Latapoxy 310 has been a subject of discussion quite often recently as we continue to receive inquiries and discuss interesting applications with architects, owners & contractors.

The subject of the Spot Bond Installation Method of installing stone in exterior and wet areas has shown up on several tile & construction forums.

For us here at Laticrete this is a well proven technique that has been time & jobsite proven from Cyprus to Las Vegas to Boston.

Read more about specific projects here or here.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Visitors At Laticrete This Week

We have a group of Laticrete people visiting with us this week.

The group is here attending one of our 3 day Laticrete PTS (Passport To Success) Technical, Sales & Marketing programs.

The group includes Laticrete people from Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, Italy.

The program is hosted by Laticrete people from the USA, Ecuador, India, Germany, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few of the Laticrete managers ... at dinner

Last night a few of the Laticrete managers with their wives had a lovely dinner in the cellar of a local CT vineyard.

A candle light romantic dinner ....

... and great camaraderie ... dinner with a few good friends....!

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Queen's Park - opening in November by Ipswich Mayor

We work with mosaic artists around the world. This project above is in Australia.

Some of these mosaic artists - like Sandy Robertson - do some pretty interesting, incredible & beautiful stuff.

See some of her work being done here or here

ps - that is NOT Sandy in the photo ...!

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