Monday, June 01, 2009

Light Weight Thin Set Adhesive Mortars

There has been a tremendous amount of new technology introduced in our industry over the last few years. Some of this technology has been in the area of light weight mortars. Take a look at some of the postings on the John Bridges Tile Forum here.

"I got my bags from laticrete a few weeks ago and I like it, but it is weird to work with at first. Pouring it out of the bag into the bucket it seems to resemble nonsanded grout to me. My first quarter bucket I mixed w/o measuring water like I normally do thinset, and I got it to wet used it and everything sagged on me. My next batch I measured the water and really liked the results.
I will say about Laticrete that their customer service is far and away better than any company I have ever dealt with before. Henry Rothberg, Tim Evans, and even one of their distributers in Denver 180 miles from me have been great to work with."

Read more about Laticrete 255 lightweight thinset here.



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