Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liquid Applied Waterproof Membranes

I've been having an email conversation with a tile installer over the last day or so regarding liquid applied waterproof membranes vs. sheet applied membranes.

I've offered him some of our Laticrete HydroBan to try.

"I had been thinking of going to a rolled on membrane like Hydroban instead of poly behind the board but was under the assumption that one coat was fine but now just learned that it requires two coats, I'm leaning to think that this could be time consuming if you have to come back the following day to give it a second coat and then wait around till it dries before you can start tiling. My thinking for a while now was that a surface applied waterproofing is a better way to go but been doing the poly for so long now i just never tried a full roll on shower. Any thoughts?"

So I mentioned that

"Over most surfaces Laticrete liquid applied membranes dry fairly fast!

1 - Paint apply membrane. Allow to dry until dry to the touch - usually 20 to 40 minutes.

2 - Apply 2nd coat liquid. Allow to dry to the touch. Often less than an hour or two.

3 - Start tiling !

In many cases this not a "come back tomorrow" processes !

We say 2 coats of liquid for "insurance" because no one puts "perfect" 1st coat of liquid on ! And 2nd coat makes sure that everything is watertight / waterproof.

We are conservative to protect you and your reputation!

Many tile guys swear by, not at, our waterproof membranes and have field proven performance and speed of installation of our Laticrete liquid applied membranes for 20, 30, 40 and more years!

I have good friends who are 3rd generation tile ctrs using our membranes ! Want to chat with one of them ?

Laticrete liquid applied waterproof membranes have some tremendous advantages such as no seams to leak !"

And he replied:

"I have another shower to build in about a week where i think HydroBan might work out better than poly,(a shower ties into a tub deck).If we are only talking 20 - 40 minutes that's not a problem, i thought you might have to let dry 12 hrs.As i said i have been pondering the idea of switching to a surface applied membrane for some time now but have never taken the jump , this might be a good time."

OK, that's OUR conversation ...

What do YOU think ....?

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