Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rapid Tile & Stone Repairs ... and more

LATAPOXY® 310 Rapid Adhesive - New Package

This small kit is ideal for repairs, installing bathroom fixtures, replacing tiles. Ideal for the contractor to have on the “back of the truck” or in the shop.

Send me an email if you would like one to check out -

Here's the official propaganda:

LATAPOXY 310 Rapid Stone Adhesive is a 2-component, rapid setting, high-strength construction epoxy adhesive for spot bonding large format tile and stone on vertical surfaces, for interior installations and approved exterior applications. Beyond its primary purpose, LATAPOXY 310 Rapid Stone Adhesive has become a “fix all” product for contractors nationwide using it for installing bathroom fixtures, replacing tiles and numerous other applications that require an adhesive with a remarkably strong bond.

Read about our family of Epoxy Adhesives here.

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