Friday, May 29, 2009

How big a piece of Stone can be Installed …?

Had an interesting question raised this afternoon

How big a piece of Stone can be installed with Laticrete? On Walls? On Floors? On Facades?

Laticrete technical representatives will tell you about our Singapore people putting 4' by 4' (1200 x 1200mm) pieces of Granite onto an exterior facade, with no mechanical hooks, with Laticrete 4237 latex PC adhesive mortar.

Our technical people will tell you about 3' by 3' (900 x 900 mm) pieces of Travertine on the Facade of a bank. Again with No mechanical hooks or anchors!

Usually, Size is NOT as big a limitation as:

1) Building Code limitation

2) Cost of (very) large pieces of Stone

3) Weight per square Foot ( weight per M2) of the Stone

A serious question that must be raised is "How secure / strong" is the subsurface to receive the Stone? Will IT support the Stone?

In most cases, the limitations we run into ARE NOT Laticrete limitations!

If an architect wants to install it, if the wall or floor is properly designed to carry the weight, then We Can Install it with Laticrete. Safely. Securely.

We DO run into legal limitations in certain cities. Please DON'T confuse legal limitations with technical limitations regarding the capability of Laticrete!

Installations of (very) large pieces of Granite, Marble, Travertine have been made without mechanical hooks from Singapore to Pakistan to London to Norway to throughout North America for the past fifty plus years using Laticrete!

Want to know more ...? Send me an email ( and I'll send you a copy of our "White Paper" on this subject.

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