Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sales Training In Singapore Today

 Gina Demonstrating
 Ruslin Explaining
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Dinner In Singapore Last Night

Bambo Clams

Butter Crabs

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Friday, March 25, 2011


We continue to grow here in the USA as well as Globally.
We are looking for good people to be part of that growth.
Interested in joining the Laticrete team ...?
Click here to review various career opportunities at Laticrete.

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Installing Glass Tiles

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More Info - click here

If you have a showroom or are doing home shows etc we have a rather nice banner available to help you promote Laticrete GTA.  Send me an email if you would like one.  hbrothberg@laticrete.com

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mosaic Work of Art

Two Mosaic artists -  Nicoletta Donini & Elena Signorielli created a mosaic work of art at the Workhouse display at the Cruise Shipping Miami show last week.

This is a section of a 20 panel mosaic for Disney Cruise Line's Disney Fantasy.

This mosaic "work of art" will have 40,000 tiles when complete.

A brochure - in print or as an electronic file - featuring & reviewing Laticrete products for shipboard & marine applications is available on request.  If you would like a copy send me an email: hbrothberg@laticrete.com

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Message From A Tile Contractor

"Just a quick THANK YOU to LATICRETE. I sold a very large job to a car dealership today. Because of the knowledge I had when using LATICRETE products and methods. They were so impressed with the grout by far not staining. The owner told me flat out that what sold the job was the grout and the thinset being used.

Can't wait to get started ... and take pictures for my family at LATICRETE


Dan Whelan

"Its not the just the tile you install ........... its the product you use to adhere it ........ LATICRETE"

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Message From A Contractor

"You have fine products and I don't mind telling people about them. I don't even offer any other grout but Laticrete. That PermaCOLOR is something else.  SpectraLOCK as you know is awesome. Thank you for your help sir."

Eschbach Renovations
Brian Eschbach
Petersburg, Va 23805

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The "Official" Thank You ...!

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Floor Warming - An Interesting Subject

The 2011 TCNA Handbook has been released. BIG Changes.

Now a robust 296 pages - up from last year's 86 pages

The 2011 TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation has been released.
Note that the title of the handbook now includes “GLASS” and “STONE TILE”.
The contents of the new handbook (which is now a robust 296 pages) includes “PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDES”  (pages 7-26) for ceramic tile, glass tile, natural stone tile, setting materials, grouts, backer boards, membranes and additional products included in tile installations. These sections include a wide array of design considerations, limitations, cautions and other common inherent qualities of the materials contained therein. In many cases, information that was only available in the ANSI manual is now included in the handbook (e.g. adhesive mortar coverage rates, grout joint size and tile pattern requirements, etc…). This makes it easier to research issues as it minimizes cross-referencing to the ANSI manual.
The handbook also includes a section on “GREEN BUILDING STANDARDS” (pages 28 & 29) along with a rating systems guide.
An expanded and comprehensive “FIELD AND INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS” section (pages 30-37) deals with substrate, lippage, mortar coverage requirements and includes a section on wet area guidelines. You will also find the “FLOOR TILING INSTALLATION GUIDE” in this section (page 37). This is the section that outlines the TCNA service ratings for floor applications by installation method.
One of the most important additions to the new handbook is the inclusion of “ENVIRONMENTAL CLASSIFICATIONS” (pages 38-41) which are designated as follows:
Res1 (Residential Dry)
Res2 (Residential Limited Water Exposure)
Res3 (Residential Wet)
Res4 (Residential High Humidity, Heavy Moisture Exposure)
Res5 (Residential High Temperature > / = 125 degrees F)
Res6 (Residential Exterior)
Com1 (Commercial Dry)
Com2 (Commercial Limited Water Exposure)
Com3 (Commercial Wet)
Com4 (Commercial High Humidity, Heavy Moisture Exposure)
Com5 (Commercial High Temperature > / = 125 degrees F)
Com6 (Commercial Exterior)
A description of the conditions is included with each designation. Each tile installation method will typically have more than one corresponding environmental classification. For example, method F103 (exterior plaza deck method) has both Res6 and Com6 as environmental classifications.
Waterproofing membrane is optional in most of the methods / classifications. However, specific applications such as shower pans, steam rooms and specific methods (e.g. F-122 and F-122A) require mandatory waterproofing.
This section includes a chart where one can glance at the installation method and determine which environmental classification applies for either tile or stone applications.
The last section before the methods for ceramic and glass tiles begin is a section on “USING THE TCNA HANDBOOK FOR SPECIFICATION WRITING”. This section helps the design professional ‘put it all together’ – by having them consider the application method, service rating, environmental classification, weight of the installation method, materials to be used, preparation by other trades, movement joint requirements, cross reference to applicable ANSI materials and installation standards, limitations, etc.

Here at Laticrete we have ordered a supply of the 2011 TCNA Handbooks as well as the 2011 ANSI Handbook.  Send me an email if you would like a set of these handbooks - hbrothberg@laticrete.com
Over the next few weeks I'll post info here on this Blog regarding some of the methods in the new TCNA handbook. Let me know if you have specific questions or concerns.


Monday, March 21, 2011

My Daughter Sent Me A Photo

This put a smile on my face.

"Building right next to me doing construction. Many more packets inside."


Stainless Grout

More Info Here

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Laticrete Customer Appreciation Party at Coverings

We partied with 400 good friends at Coverings last week.

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Laticrete GTA

Thursday, March 03, 2011

HydroBan Installation

Photo and message from a tile contractor

"Hydroban & Laticrete 4xlt and Maloney Tile and Marble equals a winning team"

Maloney Tile and Marble

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OK, What Is It, Really ...?

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