Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hands-On New Products Training

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From: "Orlando Car"
To: "Henry B. Rothberg"
Subject: Ptk experience. .

I have never been one to say I know everything. Working with Laticrete products, I've come to have enough confidence on my own because I know the products I use will give me and my client that satisfaction of a job well done.  From Hydroban to thinset to the new drains.    I learned  so many NEW things in this PTK.  I'm now very confident to use Laticrete Drains.  I would like to thank you for these programs.  The other great benefit is meeting new people in the industry. I met some really nice people. Your entire team in Corona are some of the most caring and very knowledgeable representatives.  Gerard really went above and beyond  to accommodate my stay and that I was well informed of ALL the new products from Laticrete.  Once again, THANK YOU ! For everything that you and Laticrete International do for us.

Orlando Car / Certified Floor Covering 
Serving All California

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