Friday, July 11, 2014

Laticrete in Istanbul

"Many many thanks for making the workshop such a good experience with Laticrete Multimax.
 Kind regards, Sonia"

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"Here's the official class pic from the 2014 Istanbul Intensive Mosaic Workshop with Sonia King. Participants came from Sweden, Turkey, Tunisia and the US and were able to use Multimax, the best adhesive ever!

Left to right:
Lesley Kingston, Australia
Chloe Harlow, US
Apryl Begay, US
Leila Zahmoul, Tunisia
Emelie Solklippa, Sweden
Sonia King, US
Hanna Westin Skog, Sweden
G├╝lay Yilmaz, Turkey
Lynne Timm, US
Resa McCreary, US
Noel Hensley, US
Ann Andrus, US

Let me know where you use the pic and I'll link to it.

Many many thanks for sending the BEST adhesive for us to use, Sonia"

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