Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laticrete Swag

I received an email a few weeks ago:

Dear Mr. Rothberg,
I've been in the tile industry as a union tile setter for over twenty years. Using Laticrete products almost every day and very happy with the performance. As a worker out in the field, any promotional products ( t-shirts,hard hats, safety vests) never seem to make it past the office workers or the truck drivers. So I figured I would try to go to the source. So I am making a request of any or all of the mentioned above. I am an XL t-shirt size.

So I sent a few Laticrete items to Tom.  He sent me some photos:

and a note:
Hi Henry, I promised to send pictures. I received your items and they are greatly appreciated. I am currently working at the new Bayer pharmaceutical headquarters in Whippany, NJ. We are using your 9235 waterproofing, 86 Latilevel, 4-xlt thinset, and grouts. Thank you, please keep me on your list for the future. Thanks again, Tom 

OK, who else wants some Laticrete "swag ?" - I need your shirt size, full name & UPS shipping address. Send me an email -

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