Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DON'T Take My Word For It ... Ask Another Tile Contractor


I was in my local supply house ( Genesse Tile ) this morning picking up some "marble beige" perma colour grout to finish off a stone install we tiled last week and i was talking to one of the guys that work there about how i love the perma-colour and how i wished they carried more than 10 colours and he was saying not many people know about it.

So this evening i get a phone call from another tile contractor asking me what i think about perma-colour and how he is thinking of useing it but is a little nervous cause he does'nt know what to expect, he said he had used Tec XT and didn't really like it ,so i told him i used to use XT but switched to perma-colour because i was tired of shading in the grout. I told him that theres notthing to fear and that its a great grout and the fact that it elimanates the need for sanded/unsanded grout is a huge plus and time saver. My supply house gave him my phone # and told him to call me if he has questions as i use it regularly. And i also told him that Laticretes customer service was second to none which in my opinion is a huge plus.

Yes , he will be trying the grout

Talking up your products is the least i can do."

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