Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes, We're listed:

We are listed in the CSI Green Format Database …!

This is a database to help Architects / Specifiers find green products by CSI category. The program was launched at the 2008 Greenbuild, and is heavily marketed by CSI to the spec writers.

Many specifiers have good awareness of this valuable tool and are impressed that we have our products in there for project selection.

The information required to enter a product into this GreenFormat database is very extensive.

The information is loaded in a 3 part spec format and follows the sequencing that a spec writer would need to access the information to incorporate our products into a full set of LEED specifications.

The data required to be in this database is for more extensive than the normal LEED information. Items such as Toxicity, Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainable Manufacturing Process and Environmental Product Declarations or EPD are required.

CSI’s goal is to make the database a single source of information for green product data - applicable for all of the green certification programs, not just LEED.

As we make presentations to Owners, Architects, Designers & Specifiers we need to be sure to mention that Laticrete is in the GreenFormat database.

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