Friday, October 09, 2009

OK, So Tell me ... What Do YOU Want ...?

From a Tile Contractor:

Which reminds me to ask you about a .... fast-setting or full-hydrating medium-bed mortar that I can use for large format tile (especially big stone tile) over waterproof surfaces.

Examples are products from Brand C and Brand M. These use up most all of the water in the hydration process, leaving a dry, mostly-cured center overnight; even when they're trapped between a huge tile and a waterproof backing.

Most modified mortars cure too slowly here, and with stone, the trapped moisture darkens many stones for an extended time period. Epoxy is great, but at 1/4" max trowel notch, it's only good for smaller tile over perfectly flat mud (where a regular mortar would do fine anyway).

My dream mortar (which no one has) would be a true cementitious mortar, medium bed, approved for moisture sensitive stone. While I'm wishing, it would of course be a no-sag... oh, and light weight... and dirt cheap too.

A Brand M product probably comes the closest when they talk about full hydration and say it will not contribute to effloressence.

OK, so tell me ... what is it that you think the industry needs ...? We like to hear your comments & feedback. Send me an email ( or call me. (203) 393-4620 office or (203) 988-1814 cell.



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