Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tiled Swimming Pools

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Tiled Swimming Pools
The question of installation sequence comes up quite often when waterproofing membranes are included within a swimming pool / spa installation assembly. Note that we at Laticrete have very specific installation details that outline the proper sequence of installation. 
All leveling / truing up of substrates must be performed prior to the installation of Laticrete waterproofing membranes. 
The waterproofing membrane must be installed over all leveling mortars in these applications. Laticrete waterproofing membranes perform best when installed directly under the tiled finish layer.  
See our Architectural detail P-601 above which indicates the proper sequence of installation. 
This proper sequence of installation appears in our waterproofing membrane product data sheets.
For additional technical information or specifications for your tiled pool project click here to contact Laticrete Technical support.

To view or download a copy of the Tiled Swimming Pools, Fountains and Spas Technical Design Manual click here.

Tiled Swimming Pools, Fountains and Spas Technical Design Manual
The goal of this manual is to assist the design professional in assessing and specifying the correct installation system for tile and stone installations in swimming pools, fountains and water features.

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