Thursday, December 20, 2012

Email Received

I received an email from a remodeling contractor who does a fair bit of tile work:
I have to apologize for letting my Thank You lapse for so long. You sent me a fantastic Laticrete Shirt - black, golf shirt with collar. Wow, now that's a fancy one. I wear that one when meeting clients and when shopping for supplies (when I'm not dressed like a working stiff). Anyway you sent one of those and a T-shirt and I really appreciate it.
You are a marketing expert. And you're a great part of the best thinset / grout / pan / drain / etc. manufacturer out there for us. I appreciate all you do individually and as part of that great company.
Keep up the great work and we'll keep specifying Laticrete-ONLY on our projects.
Best regards
Kevin McKernan
HomeSmith Remodeling LLC
Sammamish WA

So I asked him if I could use his words on my Blog.  His reply:

You are hereby authorized to use my comments, gestures, and good will to your best use. 
I'm proud to stand up and be counted for supporting the best things in life. And Laticrete is at the top.
Hey, you ever watched Oprah? At Christmas time she gave her audiences a whole bunch of "Oprah's Favorite Things." If she ever does that again wouldn't it be great to see alla those housewives walk out with a bucket of Hydroban under their arm? ;-)


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