Thursday, July 05, 2012

Exterior Stone Pavers

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Queensland University of technology Brisbane - Garden Point Pavement upgrade Stage 1

Contractor: Bland 2 Brilliant
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

Thinbed method installation with Laticrete #335 Premium Flexible Thinset adhesive
Grouted with Laticrete Natural Grey Quarry grout fortified with Laticrete 3701 admix

Area: 60000 Ft2 / 6000M2

Granite pavers  32" x 16" x 1.5"   -  800x400x40mm

Other interesting jobsite info: the building pictured is the old government house that dates back to 1861. The building looks out onto the Brisbane botanical gardens, a truly beautiful  project

Nick Collett | Technical Sales Representative - Queensland
Laticrete Pty Ltd | 29 Telford St | Virginia QLD, 4014 Australia


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