Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 IgCC Codes

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Technical Service Advisory - 2012 IgCC Codes - Impact on Exterior Veneer Applications
The newly released 2012 International Green Construction Codes (IgCC) include new energy conservation requirements that will impact the installation and specification of exterior adhered tile & stone veneers.

Chapter 6 – Energy Conservation, Efficiency and CO2e Emission Reduction covers the requirements to create a more energy efficient building envelope. The area that affects direct adhered tile or stone veneers is as follows:
Air leakage – the use of LATICRETE Waterproofing Membranes (LATICRETE® Hydro Ban, LATICRETE 9235 Waterproofing Membrane and LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier) can be used to effectively reduce air leakage in building envelopes.

Appendix A – Normative Appendix A (ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1) – Prescriptive Building Envelope Tables – these tables include the minimum R value requirements for various wall constructs (both residential and commercial) to demonstrate compliance with the new energy codes.

Appendix B – Normative Appendix B – Prescriptive Continuous Air Barrier – Building Materials that demonstrate compliance with these requirements must have an air permeability not to exceed 0.004 cfm/ft2 under a pressure differential of 0.3 in. water (1.57 lb. /ft2) [0.02L/s.m2 under a pressure differential of 75 Pa]  when tested in accord with ASTM E2178.
LATICRETE Hydro Ban and LATICRETE Air & Water Barrier pass this requirement.

With these new requirements potentially in play for adhered exterior veneer projects; please closely examine the images above of two of several exterior veneer options that include a layer of rigid foam insulation which in many cases would satisfy the energy requirement. However, bear in mind that the project design professional / engineer must make the final R-value contributions, total energy calculation and decide how to incorporate the various building envelope materials into the design of the veneer system.

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