Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Training & Educational Programs

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"We are pleased to be part of Boston's BAC Local 3 Apprenticeship Program again this year. The program has been a success in Boston since the early 90's, helping hundreds of young men and woman learn a rewarding trade that will last a lifetime. 
The apprenticeship program starts with a 10-week pre-job training course and also requires 5,000 hours of on the job training under the watchful eyes of veteran journeymen. 
The photos above are from the annual Apprentice Contest at the BAC Local 3 Training Center in Boston. 
The tile-setting contest had the apprentice tile setters preparing a wall to accept ceramic tile. They then installed a combination of 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" ceramic tiles in various colors with a band of tile cut in a diamond shape. 
After completion of the wall, the apprentices were required to build a mud pan that included a ½" pitch to the drain using 2"x 2" mosaic tile on a mud floor. 
The mosaic tile had to be cut precisely to fit around the circular drain. 
The judges rated the contestants on overall layout, alignment, proper pitch as well as the precision of any cut tile. Some of the contestants will be chosen to compete nationally as well.

The theme as you can see in the pictures is celebrating the Boston Red Sox 100 year anniversary with LATICRETE's Hydro Ban creating Boston's Green Monster!"

Matthew Bunszel
Technical Sales Representative
Laticrete International


Anonymous Alana Geikie said...

This activity brings out the skills and creative talents of the apprentices to make sure that they are ready to put what they’ve learned in the actual building and construction work. It's great to see how they take this seriously as this kind of work requires attention to details and craftsmanship. If tiles are not properly installed, they would not last as designed, and would even cause serious damage to users and the building itself.

June 27, 2012 at 4:34 PM  

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