Thursday, June 07, 2012

Our PR Guy ? In 1985 !

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"Here is one from the archives. In 1985, we were hired by one of the leading printers in Chicago to do a complete promo program. The theme was "OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD COLOR AT DOWN-TO-EARTH PRICES." Being nepotistic, I hired our favorite Chicago model, my wife Caryn. Here is a photo taken, a fun one, where they stuck me in front of the lens. A smoke machine was churning out the mist; the background was simply a black seamless piece of paper with pin-prick holes that was back-lit.  Note the plastic gun. This was done before Photoshop, so all retouching was done by hand. The retouching artist wore jewelers' glasses when working!"
Ron Treister
Communicators International 
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