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August 21, 2018

Last week the ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event was held at LATICRETE® Solepoxy (newest business unit in the LATICRETE family) for a day of celebration in Brazil. Team members were met by the Rothberg family (David A. Rothberg, CEO/Chairman and his son, Daniel Rothberg), the President & COO International Division and several executives from the international team.

LATICRETE Solepoxy Team

The day was spent at Toca dos Leões Farm where the team listened to inspiring speeches, participated in fun team building activities followed by a dinner with the management team.

Rivaldo Tiscoski opened the event by addressing the team.  He said, “Since the first manifestation of LATICRETE to establish business with Solepoxy and during the transition phase we were always greeted with open arms by the entire team. We demonstrated right from the beginning the value in partnership and family. Today, at the ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event, we unite the family we now call LATICRETE SOLEPOXY.” – Rivaldo J. Tiscoski, Director of Latin America & Caribbean

Rivaldo J. Tiscoski, LATICRETE Director of Latin America & Caribbean

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne, General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy Brazil, reinforced that all employee are family and how he’s proud to be a part of this great company for many years.

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne, General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy Brazil

Afterwards the team was divided into 3 large groups to participate in several team building activities that fostered the concept of “together as a family we are stronger”. The teams included David Rothberg and his family which reinforced the concept of one family.


  1. Battle Cry: Excited and motivated the teams.
  2. "Find a Number Equal to Yours": Showed the individual the importance of each teammate (each human being is unique and important in its function).
  3. "Carry the Balls from One Bow to the Other": Showed the importance of a team (you need your teammate and they need you too).
  4. "Hook": To complete the activity, the team needed all the employees to integrate and unite to the successfully finish the activity.
  5. "Final Circuit": Showed the value of cheering each other on for support and to reinforce the value of family.

Before lunch the LATICRETE Solepoxy team listened to a speech by the CEO/Chairman, David Rothberg (translated by his son Daniel) discussing:
  • The birth and growth of the company to this day.
  • The importance of our customers, partners and friends
  • The concept of the family, working together, that each employee is important and that together we can accomplish everything!

L to R: Daniel Rothberg and David A. Rothberg of LATICRETE

The team enjoyed a typical Brazilian feijoada (bean stew) to the sound of some good samba de roda music.


After lunch, Jesler Freitas, Region Manager South America and the team celebrated the birthday of Alexis, the General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy and the 15 year anniversary of Solepoxy and the contributions of everyone to make this day special. How better to do that then with chocolate cake!

Jesler Freitas, LATICRETE Region Manager South America 

The day continued with the Rothberg family along with several members of the international team touring the LATICRETE Solepoxy plant. The night ended with the Solepoxy team getting together for dinner with the management team where both David Rothberg and Erno de Bruijn, President & COO International Division, shared their expectations and hopes for the future growth of the company in Brazil.

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY commemorative t-shirt

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore Gets Renovation with Help from LATICRETE

Source: Raffles Hotel

The iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, South East Asia is receiving a major face lift. After nearly 30 years the 130-year old property is working on several renovations to the existing hotel as well as the addition of new buildings. The hotel has a ton of history behind it! This famous hotel is the home of the Long Bar, a “place to be and be seen” among tourists and former patrons like Ernest Hemingway who would eat and drink at Raffles. Also, the bar and billiard room was the place where the fabled last tiger in Singapore was shot and killed. Learn more the RafflesSingapore fable.

The hotel is not only famous for past events, but modern-day events such as the upcoming blockbuster movie, Crazy Rich Asians which the hotel was featured in. The hotel was being revamped not only for the filming but also the residency of several world-renowned chefs on the property.

The hotel will now cater to modern travellers, but showcase the strong history of the hotel and what has made them famous. The key to the renovation was update and expand the footprint but at the same time restoring some of the historic original features.

We’re proud to say that not only were LATICRETE products used on the current renovation, but the previous one done back in the 1980’s (costing $280 million)!

Developer: Beach Road Hotel (1886) Ltd
Architect: Aedas Pte Ltd
Contractor: Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd
LATICRETE Products Used: Restoration Plaster, 325 Cementitious Adhesive, 1600 Tri-Poly Fortified Unsanded Grout and SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout – epoxy grout

Learn more about the RafflesHotel renovation.  

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