Thursday, January 25, 2018

LATICRETE China Celebrates 10th Anniversary and ONE LATICRETE TEAM Event

On January 12, 2018 LATICRETE China hosted the ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM event during the day for over 200 employees followed by their 10th Anniversary celebration later that night.

This new initiative started in 2018 brings David and Henry Rothberg, 2nd generation LATICRETE to the employees of each of our global business units to talk about the history, success, culture and future growth plans of the company. LATICRETE, despite geographical distance, is ‘one’ team with the same vision, mission and values.

The event for our team in China kicked off with inspirational speeches from Bill Qiu, GM of LATICRETE China, David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, LATICRETE International and Erno de Bruijn, LATICRETE President and COO, International Division

Bill Qui, GM LATICRETE China

Bill Qiu, GM of LATICRETE China, gave a speech where he explained how the Chinese name for LATICRETE, “LADI” was chosen. I think it means “strong thunder”. I thought the logic and relevance of the name in Chinese would bring a smile to the face of our founder, of blessed memory, Dr. Henry M. Rothberg” – David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, LATICRETE International 
David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO of LATICRETE International with Jenny Fu, Management Trainee 

Jenny Fu, Management Trainee, acted as translator to assist with conveying David’s message to the team. 
“I am very proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in China! In 10 years we became one of the driving forces behind the national standard setting for tile and stone installations, we became one of the leading brands in the industry and our material were used on many of the landmark construction projects.
Equally important; we built a very strong and enthusiastic team of over 200 people that operates in true LATICRETE spirit.” – Erno de Bruijn, LATICRETE President and COO, International Division

After the speeches the group split into teams to learn how to play the African drum and later competed for the opportunity to perform at that night’s 10th Anniversary celebration.

The team building session was divided into 3 parts: concentric, synchronization and inspiration. The groups learned about the drum and practiced using a combination of their body and the drum to develop the beat and rhythm into a song.

Next the coaches came on stage helping the teams bring into synchronization with one another. Finally, the teams competed against one another in a drumming competition! During the exercise the teams learned how to interact with one another enhancing each other’s strengths and creating positive energy throughout the entire experience.

10th Anniversary Celebration
We were honored to include employees, customers, several former employees, LATICRETE China Board Members, and international guests from LATICRETE headquarters and other LATICRETE international business units from around the globe in the anniversary celebration. 
We were honored to award 7 of our suppliers with a “Supplier of the Year Award”! 

1. Jiangsu Gude Plastics Co., Ltd.
2. Shanghai Yinge Industrial Co., Ltd.
3. Tianpu Chemicals Co., Ltd.
4. Changsha Meilin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
5. Shanghai Miaogu Industrial Co., Ltd.
6. Pinghu Shengzhu Packing Co., Ltd.
7. Shanghai Leixia Industrial Co., Ltd.

During the night, several employee awards were given for:

Service Awards for 5 and 10 Years 
3 Best Sales People
2017 Best Sales Team
Employees of the Year 
General Manager’s Special Award 
5 Year Service Awards
Attendees were entertained by 11 different teams giving performances which included singing, dancing, acting and reciting poems! Everyone had the opportunity to win gifts during the “Luck Draw” game using a QR code in WeChat. 

David Rothberg and Faisal Saleem

It was a great day and night of celebrating the accomplishments of our team and our partners who help make us successful.


Monday, January 22, 2018

LATICRETE Middle East & Africa Celebrates the ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM Initiative in Style

On January 14, 2018 over 85 LATICRETE team members from the Middle East and Africa got together to participate in the ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM event held at Rixos Bab Al Bahr, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

LATICRETE Middle East and Africa 

David Rothberg, Chairman/CEO of LATICRETE International arrived and was met by a special team of Kandura performers, dressed in the local attire dancing to the tunes of a traditional Emirati song, in true form of a customary Emirati welcome. 

The event kicked off with Ritesh Singh, General Manager, LATICRETE Middle East, sharing a video presentation of the journey and history of how LATICRETE started off in Dubai and grew as a successful business enterprise across the Middle East and Africa, while highlighting several iconic projects that the team has been a part of. 

“It is said that the future belongs to those who can see it, and I wholeheartedly believe in it. The future of any business also lies in its ability to develop and sustain customer relationships. Beyond just the monetary significance, being customer centric is key to nourishing a growing business.” - Ritesh Singh, General Manager, LATICRETE Middle East

A highlight of the day was another video that Mr. Singh shared with the group of all the employees coming together chiming in with the phrase One LATICRETE One Family, in their own unique way and in different languages conveying the importance of the theme of the event, “ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM”.

Mr. Rothberg spoke to the group (with the help of Faisal Saleem, VP LATICRETE International, translating into Hindi) the journey of LATICRETE throughout the past 61 years into a truly global company.

“As this is the beginning of the New Year, I challenge everyone in the LATICRETE M.E. team to set big goals and to put those goals in writing. If it’s in writing and you give it to someone to hold you accountable, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.” 
– David Rothberg, Chairman/CEO of LATICRETE International, Inc.

David Rothberg and Ritesh Singh of LATICRETE

Team building fun was next on the agenda! Eight teams formed to take part in “Chinese Whispers”, “The Perfect Square” and “Build a Building” activities.

“Chinese Whispers”
A twist on the “Chinese Whispers”, or “telephone” game adopted where instead of whispering messages to their neighbor, they used actions instead. This made it a ton of fun for all playing and observing the game! The objective was to understand the implications of one’s actions and the need to listen attentively. It reminded the participants, just how quickly a message can be changed into something completely different when it is passed between even a few people. It educated the team to be mindful of what information is spread, given the fact that what is said or done, can have a negative impact on the individual or business that is being talked about.

“The Perfect Square”
The second activity, “The Perfect Square” each team stood in a circle and blindfold themselves. The objective was to form a large, perfect square with the rope, using its entire length. When the team had reached a consensus that they have formed the square, they call out “Perfect Square” and the results were inspected. The objective was for team participants to realize the importance of being able to get a clear mental image of the end result. It also demonstrated how empowering one’s teammates, contributed to goal attainment. Being blindfolded, the key was communication and the ability to work together as a team to achieve a favorable result.

“Build a Building”
The third activity, “Build a Building” each team was given the same set of tools, flipchart, foam board, masking tape, tennis ball and markers, to build a building. Using these tools, the teams had to first draw out and then construct a freestanding structure that had to be transported to the stage without falling apart. They then presented their project with a solid marketing plan to prove that their development was the best. The objective of the game was to understand strategy, planning a project, managing resources and collaborating to achieve a common goal, under the pressure of a tight timeframe. 

Congrats to the winners, SUPERCAPTAINS, for their innovative idea, construction, teamwork and collaboration, marketing and presentation of their overall concept.

Winners of Building a Building team building activity

“As a company we see great potential in the Middle East and African markets. I’d like to wish the LATICRETE Middle East team good luck in all their efforts for the coming year and beyond.” – Faisal Seleem, VP LATICRETE International

We love that our team members are enjoying these events! 

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

LATICRETE Philippines Hosts Plant Inauguration and ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM Event

Big things were happening with our LATICRETE Philippines team last week! On January 10, 2018 they celebrated both the inauguration of the LATICRETE Philippines Plant as well as our ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM initiative! David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, Faisal Saleem, Vice President, Erno De Brujin, President / COO, guests from LATICRETE business units in India, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States as well as our team from the Philippines spent the day celebrating the milestones of LATICRETE Philippines.

During the plant inauguration, opening remarks were given by Mr. Ruben Ong, President LATICRETE Philippines, followed by speeches by Faisal Saleem, Erno De Brujin and David Rothberg.

Ruben Ong, President LATICRETE Philippines
David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, LATICRETE International

A ceremonial toast with Mr. Ong, Mr. Saleem, Mr. De Brujin and Mr. Rothberg was held followed by the ribbon cutting, blessing and coin tossing. 

“It was the most auspicious and comprehensive grand opening for a LATICRETE factory I have ever seen!  The Feng Shui and dragon/lion ceremonies were first rate.  All of the elements of the event were ably executed by The Ong Family and Team LATICRETE Philippines.” – David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO
Erno De Brujin said, “We currently have manufacturing companies in 15 countries and commercial activities in more than a 100 countries and on all continents. Our presence in Asia is particularly very strong with companies in India, Singapore, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. To have a manufacturing facility is our ultimate commitment to the market and therefore we are very happy to host you here at this inauguration. With this factory we create employment and we are able to produce product specifically for the local market, according to local needs and standards and with local raw materials.”
Later that evening the team got together for the ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM event. This initiative, which is traveling to all of the LATICRETE business units throughout the globe this year, allows employees to learn about the history of the company, culture and future growth plans of LATICRETE. 

LATICRETE Philippines

Erno De Brujin, President / COO, LATICRETE

LATICRETE executives spoke to the group about the importance of our entire LATICRETE team in all of our business units working together for "One Dream, Together as a Team". Mr. Ong left them with this message, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" quoted by Joseph Kennedy.

Over 50 of our team members engaged in several team building activities including giant Jenga and Minefield.

David Rothberg, LATICRETE playing Jenga

In the strategy game of Minefield, the objective is to get as many members across the obstacle course as possible. One member is blindfolded while the rest team gives them directions to pass through the course without stepping on a single obstacle. If they step on an obstacle, he or she sits out, and the next member goes. Whichever team gets the most players through the course within the time 10-minute time limit, wins.

It was a great time by all including the winning team shown below.

They enjoyed the rest of the evening emceed by 2013 Miss World Philippines and 2nd Princess Ms. Zahra Saldua.  

Ms. Zahra Saldua, 2013 Miss World Philippines and 2nd Princess

Several team members performed a dance routine with songs from a 1990's mix and "DAHIL SAYO" by Inigo Pascual which means "Because of you".

Thank you to everyone who attended our plant inauguration and team event!
Stay tuned later this week for coverage of events in both China and Middle East / Africa. 

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


As we shared earlier this week, throughout the year David and Henry Rothberg, 2nd generation LATICRETE will be visiting with the employees of each of our global business units to talk about the history, success, culture and future growth plans of the company.       

This week David headed to Singapore for the second stop in the new global initiative ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM with over 50 LATICRETE South East Asia (LSEA) and Malaysia team members. He was honored to be back in one of LATICRETE’s oldest overseas locations (Singapore) and also glad to join the newest LATICRETE business team, Malaysia for this event.

David Rothberg spoke of the importance of writing down your goals on a piece of paper and giving it to someone who will hold you accountable. If not it will just only be a dream. He reinforced that each employee is an integral component of the growth of LATICRETE and that with One Team, One Family and Together we will be successful.

David Rothberg, Chaiman/CEO of LATICRETE

Mr. Raymond See, Managing Director, LATICRETE South East Asia Pte Ltd discussed the importance of teamwork and reinforced David's advice to dream big - 2018 is a new year with a new set of goals. Together, we can accomplish our objective. "One Dream, together as a Team."

Raymond See, Managing Director, LATICRETE South East Asia Pte Ltd

Five groups to learn how to play the ukulele as part of a team building activity. They learned how to play 5 songs as well as the ‘One LATICRETE One Team song that was previously written by LATICRETE South East Asia team.

During the exercise they were taught the importance of communication, teamwork and forward planning.

Each team then performed the songs they had learned. The winning team was selected by the TravelClef (traveling music school).

The winning team

At the end of the day the entire team got together to perform the LATICRETE song!

We look forward to sharing the visits to our other global locations throughout the year!

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Monday, January 08, 2018

New Global Initiative: ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM

We’re happy to announce a new initiative for 2018 called, ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM. Throughout the year David and Henry Rothberg, 2nd generation LATICRETE will be visiting with the employees of each of our global business units to talk about the history, success, culture and future growth plans of the company. LATICRETE, despite geographical distance, is ‘one’ team with the same vision, mission and values.

Last week in Hyderabad, India, the MYK LATCRETE team was the first of our global family to participate in the initiative.

To get things started, the team was broken into 4 groups (named: SpectraLOCK, SP-100, Stellar and HYDRO BAN) to participate in some team building activities which included ‘centipede’, ‘jailbreak’, and ‘Made in India’. During these activities the group worked on communication skills, collaboration and the importance of team.

Afterwards David Rothberg, Chairman/CEO LATICRETE International, Inc. and Muralidhar Yadama, Managing Director, MYK LATICRETE addressed the team touching upon the humble beginnings of LATICRETE, the growth we have experienced in the last 60 plus years and our aggressive growth plans for the future (both globally and locally within India).

Mr. Rothberg had a few key points for the team which can be applied in many of our lives:
“It’s a new Year! Dream BIG- make no small plans. Remember what Walt Disney said, “If you can imagine it, it CAN be achieved!”
“Write your big goals down, and share and post them. Have someone hold you accountable. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve, personally and at work.”
“You are part of a global family that’s changing the way the world builds.”
David A. Rothberg, Chairman/CEO LATICRETE International, Inc.

Mr. Yadama got the team pumped up with his message:
"MYK LATICRETE had a humble beginning. Today we are 500 employees with 3 factories and 25 branches. Most importantly we are the # 1 company in India!"
"It’s the team work and passion that drives us. Our values are important to us and are the foundation of our success."
“We want to deliver – the right quality of products, innovative products, and on time to customers.”
Muralidhar Yadama, Managing Director, MYK LATICRETE

They each highlighted that each employee is an integral component of the company’s growth and that with One Team, One Family and Together we will be successful.

They concluded with a great team lunch.

We look forward to sharing the visits to our other global locations throughout the year!