Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wet Film Thickness Gauge

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Email received from a General Contractor:


"Wanted to thank you for sending us the wet film thickness gauge a couple weeks ago!  We will be using it for an upcoming high end project (all glass tile swimming pool) later this week.  Its worth its weight in gold knowing my crew can accurately determine HYDRO BAN Membrane thickness, and I can spot check their work also.... Think it would really be great to make them available for purchase thru retailers and distributors, so people apply it to the required specs.  Our supplier never heard of them and thought I was nuts to want one, I will be sure to show it off next time we pick up more HYDRO BAN.


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A Wet Film Thickness Gauge is a useful tool to have when installing liquid applied waterproof membranes. 
Do you have one?
If you would like one, send me an email -

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