Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have YOU attended a Laticrete Educational program ...?

I received an email from a contractor who attend a Laticrete PTK Educational & Training program last week:

"Hello Henry. Thank you very much for your note, I received it today. I should be the one thanking you!

The information presented to me by Steve Rampino and others was fantastic. I soaked up more than I thought possible, and I attribute that to the quality of your training staff. They presented themselves as experts, but spoke to us on our level. I have been to other PTK style seminars where the presenter seemed too "aloft". Meaning they were treating us like people who were ignorant, rather than people who wanted to learn. When I train my staff and installers I always try to make myself as accessible as possible to everyone in the hopes that they will not be intimidated to ask questions.

Long story short, I have always been a huge supporter of Laticrete. I feel everyone in your organization is working to their fullest potential and morale seemed extremely high, it's the kind of organization that I like to be involved with. Again, that quality of personalities and knowledge, I feel, is what makes for long lasting relationships. Eric and Bill have also been extremely helpful in assisting us with answers to all of our questions. Bill, in particular, is probably the most helpful manufacturer rep that I have dealt with in a very long time. Thank you again for having both myself and Cathy and I look forward to continued success in our region for both of us."


Scott Hyland
Installation & Marketing Coordinator
Office: (902) 407-3364

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