Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shelves In A Shower

"Plumbing fixtures are Danze, this shower is like 4 yrs old now, owner has had us back for 2 other projects, then asked about installing these shelves.

What I did was polish up the edges of some travertine, drilled approximately 1" deep hole with a small bit, the hole accepted an electro-galvanized roofing nail ( head cut off ), then I 310'd them into the travertine. Went to the job site and marked level lines, drilled holes for plastic anchors, and 310'd those in, then I 310'd the back sides of the shelves and inserted into the anchors holding them level while it cooked, and cleaned it while it cooked, cleaned it a bit more with just a razor blade and an alcohol rag, then sanded latex matching caulk to cover joints.

First set I've done like that, but in hind sight, I would like to have a better anchor / pin set. I just used what I had for times sake.

BTW, the pic shows my jar of 310 on the shelf, all of you that have it know how much that jar weighs, there really ain't much material used yet out of that jar."

Brian Bolt
BC Tile & Marble Works

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