Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Feedback From a PTK Attendee

"Thanks for making this seminar happen! I think everyone had a great time and learned quite a bit. On the drive back none of us could say enough good things about Mike Werner. Bernie, Mark, and Lou were all great as well.

I think the most valuable information I got out of the seminar was from Mike, and his advice on selling a lifetime system warranty to the customer. Stress the lifetime warranty-and then premium installation materials are a much easier sell. Also learned some good technical info and troubleshooting tricks from Mark, aka Encyclopedia Brooks.

It was also really nice how professionally and ethically the information was presented. I've been to a few other seminars of this nature sponsored by other manufacturers and they often are a little heavy handed with self-promotion and belittling of the competition. Much respect to Laticrete for not going there!

Anyway, thanks again. Next time you're in Seattle dinner and drinks on us!

Matt Black
Madrona Tile
Seattle, WA

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