Tuesday, September 18, 2018

14 Tips from an Epoxy Grout Pro

By: Guest Author, Sean Mcleod

Sean Mcleod, Owner of Twisted Tile Works

In this guest blog, Sean Mcleod, an exclusive user of LATICRETE® SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout for over 10 years shares some of his secrets to a successful install.

1. Storage - Temperature is critical! During summer months I always make sure to chill my SPECTRALOCK® Parts A and B and keep Part C stored in a cool place. This extends the open time of the epoxy grout.
2. Tools - I use a new premium soft grout float. This helps to pull as much excess grout off the surface. This is my favorite grout float to use. It’s smooth and leaves the surface clean.
3. Sponge Health - I usually put a teaspoon of the cleaning additive provided in 3 gallons of water to wash with. This keeps my sponges from gumming up and swelling. If you run out of the cleaning additive, you can use vinegar (acetic acid) in its place.

SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout project by Sean McLeod

4. Measurement - I leave about a 1/4 cup of SPECTRALOCK Part C in the carton* because it’s just a hair thick when I use it all. It just seems way easier to spread and it leaves me a small amount for any repairs if needed.
*Please note: this will affect coverage by reducing the volume by that amount
5. Timing - Timing is everything. You must wait 15 to 30 minutes to wash depending on temperature and humidity. Usually I go by the color change. Epoxy cures darker and SPECTRALOCK (usually starts to change color about 15 min or so) unless the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Tile Preparation - I never dampen the surface of the tile. If water is in the joints, then it will sag sometimes.
SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout project by Sean McLeod

7. Temperature - After mixing a full unit of SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout I usually break it up into 3 piles on scrap cardboard. This helps reduce the temperature of the epoxy grout that is generated especially when in a bucket.
8. Workflow - On a 3’x5’ shower I smear all 3 walls, then wash and dry.
9. Air - Don’t use fans and stay away from direct moving air.
SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout project by Sean McLeod

10. Water - Always use clean, cool water.
11. Residue Prevention - I would say that drying the surface area after washing is the most important step to prevent sticky residue.
12. Client Notification - When grouting stone I always inform the client that epoxy grout will enhance the stone.
SPECTRALOCK epoxy grout project by Sean McLeod

13. Avoid “Picture Frame” Effect - I slurry the whole tile and let it sit about 5 minutes to absorb into the stone to avoid a picture frame effect.
14. Grout Release - If I'm grouting a rough surface (or anything with an aggressive profile) like slate and quarry, I use grout release.

“I have been using SPECTRALCOCK epoxy grout from LATICRETE exclusively in showers for over 10 years now. For color consistency and flawless performance I trust no other grout in wet areas. “- Sean Mcleod

Learn more about the #1 epoxy grout in the industry for over 15 years and how you can enter to win monthly prizes and a grand prize drawing for a new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 truck!

Epoxy Grout Sweepstakes from LATICRETE

About Sean Mcleod
Sean Mcleod is the owner of Twisted Tile Works out of Heber Springs, AR. He started in epoxy coatings, industrial epoxy floors and then was a terrazzo mechanic installing epoxy and sand cushion terrazzo. He has been installing tile for almost 20 years. About 4 years ago he decided to specialize in tile showers. He’s a small company with attention to detail and design.

By using SPECTRALOCK® Pro epoxy grout epoxy grout exclusively in showers he has found a niche in his market with good results. He started Twisted Tile Works 3 years ago. Before that it his company was named Mcleod Tile. He works primarily in Heber Springs Arkansas, however does travel to other cities like Little Rock, Ft. Smith and Memphis.

Twisted Tile Works
415 South 12 St
Heber Springs, AR 72543

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Iconic Infinity Edge Pool Featured in Crazy Rich Asians Movie Installed with LATICRETE Products

Last month we shared a blog post about the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore getting a major face lift in part for the Warner Bros. blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians. The 130-year old hotel completed renovations using several LATICRETE products such as: Restoration Plaster, 325 Cementitious Adhesive, 1600 Tri-Poly Fortified Unsanded Grout and SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout – epoxy grout.

This was not the only iconic hotel featured in the Crazy Rich Asians movie that showcases LATICRETE products used. On top of the iconic triple tower at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino sits the infinity edge swimming pool where an important scene takes place. The pool spans the three towers and is waterproofed and tiled with the LATICRETE system! No one else in the world besides LATICRETE could handle a pool project of this magnitude and warranty it! The mosaic tiled pool spans over the three 55-story hotel skyscrapers and measures over three times that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Marina Bay Sands Pool in the Sky

The Marina Bay Sands “Pool in the Sky” project was completed in 2011 using a variety of LATICRETE products including:

LATAPOXY® 300 Adhesive – epoxy adhesive for bond strength and flexibility required
Pool Tile Installation using SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout– an epoxy grout used for the pool grout because of its unmatched stain-resistance and color consistency and ability to withstand the constant presence of pool chemicals added to maintain a healthy balance of water for the pool users
LATICRETE 9118 Primer - to create a more tenacious bond with LATASIL™ at all pipe penetrations, changes in plane and expansion joints
LATASIL™ - 100% silicone sealant with exceptional flexibility and helps further protect the rooftop infinity-edge pool system

Crazy Rich Asians Movie Pool in the Sky

This amazing project was done by local architect, Aedas, Pte Ltd out of Singapore and installer, Sangyong Engineering Construction Co Ltd. All installation products were supplied by LATICRETE Southeast Asia Pte Ltd.

“It’s an architectural wonder. For building projects like this one they select only the best products. It’s really a confirmation for us that the industry has recognized the quality of products from LATICRETE and our expertise in swimming pool applications.” said LATICRETE President, International, Erno de Brujn

Read more about the Marina Bay Sands Hotel project completed in 2011.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


August 21, 2018

Last week the ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event was held at LATICRETE® Solepoxy (newest business unit in the LATICRETE family) for a day of celebration in Brazil. Team members were met by the Rothberg family (David A. Rothberg, CEO/Chairman and his son, Daniel Rothberg), the President & COO International Division and several executives from the international team.

LATICRETE Solepoxy Team

The day was spent at Toca dos Leões Farm where the team listened to inspiring speeches, participated in fun team building activities followed by a dinner with the management team.

Rivaldo Tiscoski opened the event by addressing the team.  He said, “Since the first manifestation of LATICRETE to establish business with Solepoxy and during the transition phase we were always greeted with open arms by the entire team. We demonstrated right from the beginning the value in partnership and family. Today, at the ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event, we unite the family we now call LATICRETE SOLEPOXY.” – Rivaldo J. Tiscoski, Director of Latin America & Caribbean

Rivaldo J. Tiscoski, LATICRETE Director of Latin America & Caribbean

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne, General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy Brazil, reinforced that all employee are family and how he’s proud to be a part of this great company for many years.

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne, General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy Brazil

Afterwards the team was divided into 3 large groups to participate in several team building activities that fostered the concept of “together as a family we are stronger”. The teams included David Rothberg and his family which reinforced the concept of one family.


  1. Battle Cry: Excited and motivated the teams.
  2. "Find a Number Equal to Yours": Showed the individual the importance of each teammate (each human being is unique and important in its function).
  3. "Carry the Balls from One Bow to the Other": Showed the importance of a team (you need your teammate and they need you too).
  4. "Hook": To complete the activity, the team needed all the employees to integrate and unite to the successfully finish the activity.
  5. "Final Circuit": Showed the value of cheering each other on for support and to reinforce the value of family.

Before lunch the LATICRETE Solepoxy team listened to a speech by the CEO/Chairman, David Rothberg (translated by his son Daniel) discussing:
  • The birth and growth of the company to this day.
  • The importance of our customers, partners and friends
  • The concept of the family, working together, that each employee is important and that together we can accomplish everything!

L to R: Daniel Rothberg and David A. Rothberg of LATICRETE

The team enjoyed a typical Brazilian feijoada (bean stew) to the sound of some good samba de roda music.


After lunch, Jesler Freitas, Region Manager South America and the team celebrated the birthday of Alexis, the General Director LATICRETE Solepoxy and the 15 year anniversary of Solepoxy and the contributions of everyone to make this day special. How better to do that then with chocolate cake!

Jesler Freitas, LATICRETE Region Manager South America 

The day continued with the Rothberg family along with several members of the international team touring the LATICRETE Solepoxy plant. The night ended with the Solepoxy team getting together for dinner with the management team where both David Rothberg and Erno de Bruijn, President & COO International Division, shared their expectations and hopes for the future growth of the company in Brazil.

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY commemorative t-shirt

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore Gets Renovation with Help from LATICRETE

Source: Raffles Hotel

The iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, South East Asia is receiving a major face lift. After nearly 30 years the 130-year old property is working on several renovations to the existing hotel as well as the addition of new buildings. The hotel has a ton of history behind it! This famous hotel is the home of the Long Bar, a “place to be and be seen” among tourists and former patrons like Ernest Hemingway who would eat and drink at Raffles. Also, the bar and billiard room was the place where the fabled last tiger in Singapore was shot and killed. Learn more the RafflesSingapore fable.

The hotel is not only famous for past events, but modern-day events such as the upcoming blockbuster movie, Crazy Rich Asians which the hotel was featured in. The hotel was being revamped not only for the filming but also the residency of several world-renowned chefs on the property.

The hotel will now cater to modern travellers, but showcase the strong history of the hotel and what has made them famous. The key to the renovation was update and expand the footprint but at the same time restoring some of the historic original features.

We’re proud to say that not only were LATICRETE products used on the current renovation, but the previous one done back in the 1980’s (costing $280 million)!

Developer: Beach Road Hotel (1886) Ltd
Architect: Aedas Pte Ltd
Contractor: Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd
LATICRETE Products Used: Restoration Plaster, 325 Cementitious Adhesive, 1600 Tri-Poly Fortified Unsanded Grout and SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout – epoxy grout

Learn more about the RafflesHotel renovation.  

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Friday, June 22, 2018

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY Event for Central America Goes the Distance

ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY Event for Central America Goes the Distance

June 20, 2018

The ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event for the Central American teams was held at the LATICRETE plant in Costa Rica. With both our Honduras and Panama teams joining in via video conference, we had over 100 team members!

LATICRETE Costa Rica team
LATICRETE Honduras team
LATICRETE Panama team

During the day, LATICRETE executives shared photographs about the history of the company, its evolution, as well as key messages of our values and the great global family that we are. 

“From the bottom of my heart, I am proud of what this "family" has achieved. A winning team of more than 90 people in 4 countries of Central America” - Luis Alfonso Fernández, Director General of Central America

“When we invite people to work as a team, we always look for everyone to have or try to participate in an equal way, but we know that we are different. What we all saw at our ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event in Central America was that everyone was very focused on their teams to do their best: a mosaic of representation of our company with the number one. The success of this event makes us think that we are going to repeat it in the coming years.” - Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean

David Rothberg, CEO / Chairman of LATICRETE International (2nd generation LATICRETE) addressed the teams live via facetime. In his message he said, “As a family, we will support your efforts to reach your personal and professional goals.  It is what families do.”

At the end of the presentations, the Panama and Honduras teams had a great team breakfast.  In Costa Rica the team worked on a mosaic project in which several teams created the LATICRETE logo and the word ‘1’ out of mosaics to reinforce that we are a family, a team and a heart that always looks for results. 

LATICRETE Costa Rica mosaic making activity
Completed mosaic projects

Employees had great things to say about the event:

“The ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY activity in Costa Rica was excellent! We learned about the history and trajectory of the company worldwide and the motivational talks of our leaders makes us feel proud to be part of the LATICRETE family. The event united us as a team and shows us that together we can achieve great things. I’m very proud to be a part of the event, the effort and work that we all do and of course belonging to the LATICRETE family." - Hernando Herrera González, Assistant of Research and Development Laboratory

“ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY helped me improve my contact networks with all LATICRETE business units, and reaffirm that I am in a global company that seeks to grow their employees personally and professionally. I hope to participate in more activities of this kind. It’s great to understand where we are going as a company. Thanks LATICRETE Costa Rica!” - Vivian Morales, Costa Rica Sales Advisor

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Thursday, June 21, 2018


A beautiful location, inspiring messages and team building activities made for a fun day during our ONE LATICRETE ONE FAMILY event in Mexico. 

June 18, 2018

We brought together over 50 members of LATICRETE Mexico, international team members and Henry Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of Training (2nd generation LATICRETE) and his wife Shelia for the 1-day event at La Warika, Huasteca Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Henry Rothberg kicked off the day with a presentation discussing the value of belonging to a family owned company who believes their employees are part of the family. 
“Over the years LATICRETE has grown worldwide in an incredible way. We believe that this has been possible thanks to each of the people who work with us always in an ethical and responsible way. You are part of this success!" - Henry Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of Training

Henry B. Rothberg, Sr. Vice President of LATICRETE International

Henry’s sentiments were reinforced when both Ricardo Franco, Director General, LATICRETE Mexicana and Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean spoke. 
“In Mexico the concept of family is very powerful and extensive, and in our society, family in Mexico means, support. We do not see ourselves growing alone without ours. With the experience today, we understand much more what it means to be a LATICRETE family, where we support, care for and grow together.”- Ricardo Franco, Director General, LATICRETE Mexicana

Ricardo Franco, Director General LATICRETE Mexico

“We had a father and a mother who taught us to walk, talk, give us values and do things with a lot of ethics, now the LATICRETE family gives us the great opportunity to put into practice everything our parents taught us, follow our steps with A lot of honesty in line with the values of the company.” - Rivaldo Tiscoski, Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean 

Rivald Tiscoski, LATICRETE Regional Director Latin America and Caribbean

During the day, the team got to participate in a series of team building activities. 
LATICRETE Mexico team building activities
  • Spot It – Each team member took a card with a different image on it and spoke to a colleague about what the image meant to each person. 
  • Paracaídas (Parachute) – the team worked together on raising and lowering the parachute to move a ball between the two parachutes. The exercise taught the importance of team communication and dynamics. 
  • Rally – this included several different activities such as: 
    • Find the LATICRETE company values in a word puzzle
    • One member of the team jumped 15 meters high
    • Filled in the missing words to complete the LATICRETET mission statement
    • Fill a container (with holes in it) with water and figure out how to stop the water from pouring out 
Fill a container rally team building activity
We had an amazing day of fun, inspiration and memories! 

We look forward to sharing the visits to our other global locations throughout the year.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LATICRETE Concrete Floor Coatings Help Make Dramatic Improvements to the Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

LATICRETE Concrete Floor Coatings Help Make Dramatic Improvements to the Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

June 2018

Many schools in Trinidad and Tobago suffer from lack of resources and are trying to execute their missions in less than desirable conditions. Project Care TT, a nonprofit organization in the region, founded in 2010 was founded to execute large scale design/construction projects at schools in need. They’re a coalition of volunteer construction workers, suppliers, clients and friends that have a heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in our society, with a focus on the YOUTH.

The project for 2018 was to make dramatic improvements to the Ascension Anglican School. This primary school lacked a cafeteria, any shaded area to assemble outside, and the upper level was an open area using blackboards as classroom dividers.

Ascension Anglican School in Trinidad

Over 1,000 volunteers in addition to 230 sponsors provided the materials, equipment and labor to:
Paint and create beautiful murals on the exterior of the school
Build a large awning off the side of the building for an assembly area 
Build a cafeteria (with a playful, Caribbean themed SPARTACOTE™ concrete floor coating)
Install many play areas
Add air conditioning in the entire school 
Install new windows in the upper classrooms
Build 5 new classrooms on the upper level  

Thanks to Ryan Ali, the SPARTACOTE applicator on this project who got us involved. We were happy to donate LATICRETE products for their floor coating systems to help give this school a fun and durable polyaspartic floor in their cafeteria. We’re committed to being a sponsor for these projects for years to come!

Applying the SPARTACOTE CHIP system (chips) to the concrete floor in the cafeteria

Top coating the floor with SPARTACOTE™ FLEX PURE™ polyurea sealer/finish

Ryan Ali of Sanitation Solutions and Atiba Logan of Badello Contracting finishing the SPARTACOTE resinous flooring system

The products used on this project were: 
SPARTACOTE™ FLEX SB™ Clear for the primer and body coats. 
The polyaspartic coating system used was the SPARATACOTE® CHIP™ system. The chips were ¼” decorative vinyl flakes from Torginol in red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. 
The top coat was SPARTACOTE™ FLEX PURE™ polyuria sealer/finish with traction additive.

Learn more about our resinous flooring system

Thanks to our customers, Ryan Ali, Managing Director of Sanitation Solutions, Trinidad and his crew for donating their time and materials and Atibal Logan from Badello Contracting helping with the installation. Special thanks to Wayne Hoerning, LATICRETE International Regional Manager for the Caribbean who also provided his expertise, time and help on the project! 

Organizers of the Project Care TT project after a long day of work.
Left to Right: Matthew Devaux, Marc Grosberg, Ryan Perkins, Joanna Rostant, Natasha Kelshall-Pantin, Anthony James and Nicholas Chandler

Monday morning, the reveal at the Ascension Anglican School

Outdoor cafeteria with SPARTACOTE polyaspartic floor coating system

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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing helps create beautiful common areas in Port St. Lucie with SPARTACOTE Stain

New construction project – common area / gathering space
Port of St. Lucie, Florida
SPARTACOTE™ Stain job. 3,600 sq ft.

Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing is a family-owned polished concrete and SPARTACOTE coatings installer dedicated to superior workmanship and customer service. They are leaders in concrete resurfacing and pioneers in bringing the craft to the Treasure Coast.

The Port of St. Lucie, FL, had a new construction 3,600 sq ft gathering space that they desired to give a decorative concrete look and feel. Due to their track record of excellence in decorative concrete and referred to by the Port itself because of their superior reputation and workmanship, Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing got the job.

The project schedule that was demanding, requiring the Treasure Coast crew to work at night. Power was difficult to find due to it being new construction. The crew constantly had to run power to outside breakers in order to get the electrical required. They also had to enhance the crew size because of job site logistics and stringent project requirements.

Concrete surface prep is vital to any SPARTACOTE coatings job, and this one was no different. The crew began by grinding the surface by mechanical profile to an ICRI CSP 2, equivalent to about 40 to 60 grit sand paper. They cleaned and vacuumed the excess dust from the surface. After the prep work was complete, the crew was ready to apply the SPARTACOTE stain coating system.


After thorough surface prep, the new floor space was ready to accept the stain. The crew applied grey and black stain to the surface at a rate of 400 sq ft per gallon. The stain flashed off quickly, drying in mere minutes. Immediately following the stain application, the crew applied the SPARTACOTE™ WB EPOXY™ over the stain to help lock in the color. They allowed it to dry for four hours.

To complete the system, the Treasure Coast crew put down the top coat of SPARTACOTE™ Flex SB to the surface at a rate of 330 sq ft / gallon. The Flex SB is designed to give maximum work time while acting as an easy to place and versatile primer coat. To ensure high traction, the coatings crew employed SPARTAOTE GRIP 100 grit traction additive to the final clear top coat. This helps maximize slip resistance within the new space. 

The Treasure Coast project crew was able to deliver the job early and on budget. The Port of St. Lucie is very happy with the new SPARTACOTE Stain floor for their commons area. The Port plans to soon open the gathering space to the public.

Jeremy Benson
Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing


To learn more about our SPARTACOTE resinous and decorate finishes, click here or call us at 1.800.243.4788.