Thursday, February 13, 2014

Summit of Jbel Toubkal

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I decided to climb to the summit of Jbel Toubkal because my family happened to be taking a trip to the area, and when I found out the tallest mountain in Morocco was nearby, I knew I had to climb it.  I would definitely describe myself as an avid outdoorsmen and mountain climbing is currently how I have been pursuing that addiction; there is something liberating and overwhelming about conquering mountains and striving to embrace the top of the world!  The reason I have become interested in mountaineering and other such outdoor adventures is definitely because of my uncle David Rothberg.  Growing up listening to his wondrous stories about his times spent on distant treacherous peaks and lost in the wilderness on NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) created in me an insatiable thirst to follow in his footsteps!
The LATICRETE shirt carried to the summit of Toubkal was in homage of how my uncle used to do the same on his climbs, as well as to bring glory and honor to the family and company my grandparents created and uncles have grown.  
I am a Physics Major at University - I just officially declared it two days ago!  As to working for Laticrete, I am not sure where the winds will take me, but I definitely would love to work for Laticrete at some point in the future!

Avi Meadow

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