Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glass Mosaic Pool

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Henry.... feel free to use my text on your blog.....

As a developer and licensed engineer, I don't mess around and cut corners...we only approve use of the best waterproofing and setting materials, thus Laticrete is our first choice for demanding applications such as continuously submerged water conditions such as glass tile swimming pools.

Attached are a couple pics of the last pool (residential hillside all glass tile infinity edge swimming pool and spa) we did at different stages. We used the Laticrete Swimming Pool Technical Design Manual as our source for specifications and details.

We first used a cement based waterproofer for negative waterproofing, then Laticrete 254 platinum bond coat with mortar bed to render/float shotcrete shell to accept tile. After that everything is Laticrete....another very thin Laticrete 254 bond coat to fill voids in mortar bed, then Hydroban, Laticrete 254 Platinum for paper faced glass tile, Spectralock pro grout and finally Latasil silcone sealant for expansion joints and penetrations. Needless to say it quite a time consuming and expensive process.



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