Thursday, June 06, 2013

Incredible Mosaic Artists World Wide Depend On Laticrete (Wow !)

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Hi Henry,
I just wanted to compliment Art Mintie once again, as well as Frank in the technical department.
I arrived on the job site at the Children's Hospital to start the install today and found a PRIMED WALL, instead of the bare sheetrock as I had specified in my contract and my walk-through.  Egad! 
And then I pulled my ace out of the hole and said 'Let's just call the technical department at Laticrete'.
Art was in a meeting and I spoke to Frank.  Art called me back as soon as he got out of his meeting and confirmed the solution I requested which was fresh bare drywall.  And now that's done and we go back tomorrow and do the install.  I don't have Frank's email but please pass my thanks on to him.
Laticrete to the rescue again!
I'll be posting pics on my Facebook mosaics page of the install and I'll mention Laticrete in the caption  :-)
Here's the first one that will go up in the morning of my trusty assistant Leigh Davis with crates of mosaic mesh sections and plenty of Laticrete MultiMax and grout :-)
Many thanks to all of you, best, Sonia

S O N I A     K I N G
m o s a i c  a r t i s t

"Mosaic is hard. Art is harder."

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