Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pietre dure mosaic table grouting

A info and photos from a tile contractor:

I was asked to grout a custom mosaic “Pietre dure” table customers bought while in Maldaba (Jordan). I used Laticrete PermaColor in Marble Beige for its qualities - able to be used in small tight grout joints, fast setting, color consistency and also its improved stain resistance.

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Pietre dure mosaic

What is Pietre dure ?  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the subject:

Pietra dura or pietre dure (see below), called parchin kari in South Asia, is a term for the inlay technique of using cut and fitted, highly-polished colored stones to create images. It is considered a decorative art. The stonework, after the work is assembled loosely, is glued stone-by-stone to a substrate after having previously been "sliced and cut in different shape sections; and then assembled together so precisely that the contact between each section was practically invisible". Stability was achieved by grooving the undersides of the stones so that they interlocked, rather like a jigsaw puzzle, with everything held tautly in place by an encircling 'frame'. Many different colored stones, particularly marbles, were used, along with semiprecious, and even precious stones. It first appeared in Rome in the 16th century, reaching its full maturity in Florence. Pietra dura items are generally crafted on green, white or black marble base stones. Typically the resulting panel is completely flat, but some examples where the image is in low relief were made, taking the work more into the area of hardstone carving.

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The Tile Contractor:

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