Thursday, April 04, 2013

Living Tiles

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I received an interesting email from one of our key Laticrete guys in the field regarding a fascinating installation:

Another item for your blog. Moss Tile from Benetti Stone. 7x7 living tile installed with Latapoxy 300.

Whole Foods Store in Campbell, CA  Tile Contractor: Pennacchio Tile, Santa Rosa, CA (one of our MVP’s of course) Glass mirror panels were installed by a glass contractor.

 The "Living Tiles" are made from some sort of lichen on a resin base. Different colors available. Really interesting. More info here:

The tile contractor:
Leo Pennacchio
Pennacchio Tile, Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 974-3977

The email was from
Jeffrey T. Carder the Laticrete Contractor Sales Representative based in the San Francisco Bay area.  Interesting in technical support on your Bay area job site ?  Contact Jeff: (203) 927-1059 or

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