Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Message to Tile Distributors & Retailers

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The team at Ital Ceramics has learned how to sell more dollars per square foot

Laticrete can help you sell more dollars per square foot on your tile & stone installations while providing the owner with a better installation. Today, when we are often seeing smaller tile & stone installations, Laticrete can help you "make up the difference" by showing you how to sell more dollars per square foot.  

Selling quality and selling productivity to owners & to your customers is key to the Laticrete System.  From more efficient materials, to materials that are easier to use, to materials that offer the end user features that are "worth paying for" such as StainProof grout.

Our Technical Support team and in-the-field Technical Sales Representative are your tile & stone installation materials Consultants. Please contact us Toll Free in the USA at (800) 243-4788 x 235 or World Wide at +1 (203) 393-0010 x 235 if you would like to speak to us about how to increase your productivity & profitability with the Laticrete System. Our Representatives can also discuss with you the specifics of your market, your customers and our available Laticrete System Warranties.

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