Friday, February 22, 2013

Mosaic Mural Tells The Time !

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Incredible Mosaic Mural Art!

In 2005 Susan Marie commissioned a UWA* Graduate, artist Shaun Tan, to create a west-facing sundial, and now the perfect time and place has been found for its installation. As the Director of UWA Extension, part of UWA’s community outreach, Susan envisioned an accessible public artwork that celebrates a Centenary of UWA’s achievements.
Celebrating the University of Western Australia’s 100th year with a beautiful, timeless and inspiring artwork that will last far into the next century, the Hours to Sunset project pays tribute to the contribution of UWA’s graduate and academic cohort to Western Australia’s intellectual and artistic life.
For more information & to watch the video - click here
*UWA - University of Western Australia

Incredible mosaic installation work by
Iain H Middleton      
V-vo Architectural Mosaics

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