Friday, January 18, 2013

Linear Drains Detailed

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Linear Drains
Instead of the use of a traditional PVC membrane or copper or lead metal pan in a shower this modern Stainless Steel metal flanged drain design is engineered to work with Laticrete HydroBan seamless liquid applied waterproofing membrane.  
After the drain is installed in place a double layer of HydroBan liquid is applied to provide a seamless watertight installation.  The HydroBan liquid waterproofing membrane is applied to the walls and floors of the shower. The HydroBan bonds directly to the metal drain body.
Fast, easy and productive to install.
Click here for additional information or to watch the video on Laticrete HydroBan Linear Drains.

Top image used under the Fair Use doctrine as commentary, news reporting, research & teaching. Read the entire article regarding Linear Drains for Custom Showers in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine.

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